KMD and Norlys reach an agreement on a new groundbreaking billing system

Norlys has reached a significant agreement with KMD to deliver KMD Elements as the new solution in Norlys’ energy business for the next 8 years.

KMD and Norlys have just signed an agreement that KMD Elements will be delivered as the new billing solution for Norlys’ energy business in the future. The contract consists of an initial 2-year project, followed by a 6-year agreement from the go-live date. With the contract, Norlys becomes the first energy supplier to operate on KMD's new modernized platform.

Norlys looks forward to having a much more flexible billing system that can also handle the products the energy and telecom concern will offer customers in the future.

"The energy products and services we provide to our customers are becoming increasingly complex, placing new and greater demands on our systems if we are to generate invoices that are even easier to understand. At the same time, the high pace of development in the energy market and the requirements for digitized solutions demand that we, as a supplier, can react quickly and adapt our products and services when new needs arise," says Mads Brøgger, director of Norlys' energy business.

KMD is also looking forward to being part of the journey:

"We are very pleased that Norlys has chosen us to deliver their new billing solution. Throughout the process, we have had a close dialogue about their needs and how we can support them best. Norlys needed a scalable, flexible, and open standard solution to handle increasing amounts of data. We can do that with KMD Elements, and I am delighted that Norlys agrees. We have ended up with a very good solution that I look forward to helping implement," says Anders Bonnerup, Director of KMD Energy Solutions at KMD.

A new ultra-flexible universe for Norlys

KMD Elements is based on a philosophy of flexibility, high automation, and data-driven decision support. The platform sets new standards for the future billing platform and contributes to a transformation of the energy sector. The platform's integrability and flexible structure open doors to rapid market access and continuous innovation of new products and services. The degree of automation streamlines processes and ensures seamless integration.

Data-driven decision support revolutionizes the user's role as a monitor and focuses on process deviations and full data accessibility. KMD Elements thus sets the standard for an efficient, intelligent, and user-friendly future in energy billing. With the contract, Norlys becomes the first energy supplier to operate on KMD's new modernized platform. KMD Elements already has customers from energy market roles such as Trading, Utility, and the Energy Agency.

"We have created an ultra-flexible universe for Norlys, which will help future-proof them on their business journey. The energy market is undergoing high development with continually growing amounts of data, changes in legislation, and a new and high level of consumer engagement in the choice of electricity supplier, driven by a focus on green transition and variable prices," says Anders Bonnerup and elaborates:

"Our main focus has been that creativity, not the IT solution itself, should set the limits for business development. Our system should function as the digital backbone of Norlys' energy business, where they can manage master data on customers, payments, and the value chain. Therefore, we have created KMD Elements to be an open and modern system that can easily coexist with their other systems," Anders Bonnerup concludes.

Norlys is scheduled to go live on KMD Elements in the fall of 2025.

About KMD Elements

KMD Elements is a cloud-based and modern billing solution designed to automate and modernize complex calculation and billing processes and related business processes. The solution is developed with a focus on the energy and utilities market and is based on a platform that can adapt to increasing market complexity. The solution is currently used by Danish Energy Trading companies, the Energy Agency, and is currently being implemented for the majority of Danish electricity grid companies. The contract with Norlys expands KMD Elements' market coverage across roles in the energy market.

About Norlys

Norlys is Denmark's largest integrated energy and telecommunications group with 3,500 employees in Silkeborg, Aarhus, Aalborg, Esbjerg, Copenhagen, and several smaller cities. We provide energy, charging stations, internet, and TV to more than 1.7 million households and businesses. Norlys is owned by 800,000 shareholders.

We work for green transition and digitization. In addition to our customer-oriented activities, we also own the country's largest electricity grid and the country's largest fiber network, as well as the majority stake in Norlys Energy Trading, which trades in energy. We also own half of Eurowind Energy, a leading developer of solar and wind parks.

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