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Press Release

Large IT investment: Three-digit million value contract to contribute to intelligent expansion of the electricity grid

Data is the foundation for an intelligent expansion and utilization of the electricity grid. Therefore, KMD will now deliver a new IT system on a three-digit million value contract, which Cerius-Radius’ joint operating company Nexel will use to handle the huge amount of detailed data from modern electricity meters, which helps to create an ultra-modern platform for balancing the electricity grid and anticipating peak loads.



Press Release

KMD and NEC launch KMD Connect in Japan

For the first time, KMD-developed IT solutions are put into use on the Japanese market. KMD and NEC have joined forces to launch the solution KMD Connect in Japan.




KMD is stepping up the collaboration with NEC

On April 1st 2023 KMD became part of the new Digital Government / Digital Finance Division of NEC. This means an increased focus on bringing KMD’s know-how, services and products to NEC’s markets in general.



Kristoffer Østergaard Kristensen, Press Officer, KMD

Kristoffer Østergaard Kristensen

Press Officer

Portrait of Julie Hebbelstrup, KMD

Julie Hebbelstrup

Press and Communication Advisor