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KMD appoints new member to Group Management

Jan Gaardboe Jensen steps into Group Management in KMD and is appointed head of a new strategic business unit.



Press Release

KMD will outsource service business to Aeven and T-Systems

Subject to authority approvals, KMD has chosen Aeven and T-Systems as new service providers for infrastructure services.



Press Release

KMD and Norlys reach an agreement on a new groundbreaking billing system

Norlys has reached a significant agreement with KMD to deliver KMD Elements as the new solution in Norlys’ energy business for the next 8 years.



Kristoffer Østergaard Kristensen, Press Officer, KMD

Kristoffer Østergaard Kristensen

Press Officer

Portrait of Julie Hebbelstrup, KMD

Julie Hebbelstrup

Press and Communication Advisor