In agreements with KMD, where KMD has reserved the right to adjust its prices according to KMD's price adjustment regulations in force at any time (and where otherwise has not been expressly agreed), this currently implies that KMD carries out adjustment of agreed prices the following way:

Index adjustments:

Every January 1, KMD adjusts its prices for products, solutions, services, etc. for the coming calendar year:

  • for municipal customers with KL's price and wage estimate (KL’s pris- og lønskøn) per June the previous year and
  • to other customers (other than municipal customers) according to the development in the Net Price Index from Statistics Denmark (Net price index - Statistics Denmark ( for the immediately preceding period October to October.

Other price adjustments:

In addition to the general index adjustment, other price adjustments may occur. Such adjustments may occur as a result of changes in the market conditions that impose increased costs on KMD, or be caused by changed general or solution-specific costs, including investment in functionality improvements, merging of modules, etc. This type of price adjustments can take place at any time and is notified no later than 1 month before it comes into effect.
KMD reserves the right to change the above price adjustment regulations at any time.