Multi-Cloud Future

Our IT solutions must be supported by an infrastructure that provides the optimal balance between security concerns and technological possibilities. Here we see an increasing need to be able to work flexibly and smoothly with on-prem, private and public cloud across suppliers and geographical areas.

KMD Technology and Innovation Map - Multi-Cloud Future

Horizon 1

Technologies that are known to both us and our customers. Technologies that have been thoroughly researched or are well on their way into our products, MVP's or innovation projects.

Automation of Compliance Controls is the process of using technology, such as artificial intelligence (AI), to continually check systems for compliance. Compliance automation solutions replace manual processes and track all compliance procedures.

Azure Arc is a bridge that extends the Azure platform to help you build applications and services with the flexibility to run across datacenters, at the edge, and in multicloud environments. Develop cloud-native applications with a consistent development, operations, and security model. Azure Arc runs on both new and existing hardware, virtualization and Kubernetes platforms, IoT devices, and integrated systems.

Cloud agnostic service orchestration is an approach to a system design, that allows for quick exchange of components between clouds (private or public). In a simple form, system will use only subset of components available in all clouds (kubernetes is the simplest approach). In more complex form, it is build to switch between equivalent components, i.e. Azure Function and Lambda.

Hybrid cloud architecture combine the on-premises private cloud with one or more public cloud providers IaaS offerings, which is then managed as a unified, policy-driven cloud environment. This approach enables capabilities to be extended from private to public cloud and vice-versa, for example to take advantage of economies of cloud-based storage for archival and backup with existing data protection tools.

VPN gateways provide secure connectivity between multiple sites, such as on-premises data centers and cloud networks. Traffic is encrypted because the VPN connections traverse the internet. Each VPN gateway can support multiple connections.

Horizon 2

Technologies known to either us or our users, but not thoroughly tested. Strong candidates to participate in POC's to investigate technical possibilities and value potential for our customers.

Using AI and ML to enhance the efficiency of IT operations through automation, performance monitoring and event correlation.

CNAP empowers developers to control the entire application-modernization lifecycle without an over-reliance on Ops teams. CNAP offers a fully orchestrated cloud-native platform that is cloud-agnostic, is built on native and managed kubernetes, and leverages open-source technologies to provide developers both autonomy and speed.

Multi Cloud Management Platform helps with managing resources spread across several environments (i.e. multiple clouds). It can assess the regularly changing service portfolio and pricing models of each, recommend the best destination for each workload and automate workload placement, configuration and maintenance. It can summarize and predict resource usage and costs.

Mesh network allows the customer to connect individual workloads wherever they are running, either multi-cloud or hybrid cloud, to a service mesh without the complexity of gateways or having to orchestrate a single, large, complex, flat domain.

Horizon 3

Technologies that neither we nor our customers have had their hands on. Technologies that are so relatively new that their value has not yet materialized in the context of our customers and end users.

Cloud agnostic failover ensures high availability in case of cloud failure. This can be failover between public clouds or between private and public cloud. It can be about compute power and/or storage.

Quantum security means being resistant to the cyber threat posed by quantum computers. Quantum computers will quickly factor prime numbers and break the foundations of public key cryptography. A cryptographic system that works seamlessly with current computers and technology, yet protects against the quantum computing threat, is needed.

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