Denmark's transition to sustainable energy does not just demand innovative IT solutions which make operations effective and stable. It also demands the experience to develop and implement them. As one of Denmark's leading IT companies, we have more than 50 years of expertise in the world of software development. We are ready to support the entire energy sector with the transition to the energy market of the future using our experience in thinking ahead. 

Responsibility for the Development of Society

Our solutions help citizens, companies, and the society with a faster transition to green energy and better resource usage.

Enlightened Decisions

We make our customers capable of making better and faster business decisions based on advanced data analysis and updated market insight.

Flexible Solutions for an Everchanging Market

We make flexibility a guiding principle in the energy sector, rearrange energy consumption to green energy, and deliver flexible solutions which are capable of adapting to a dynamic energy market.

Build for the Future

We make it possible for participants in the energy sector to take advantage of the potential in future proofed technology which strengthens their business model and serves in the interests of the society. 

Energy & utility solutions

KMD Elements

A cloud-solution offering a highly efficient solution to handle complex data validation and advanced formula-based settlements on time series for companies operating in the energy market.

KMD Energy Management Suite

KMD Energy Management Suite is a cloud solution for data retrieval and quality control, analysis, and calculation of energy data as well as a data platform for use in usage billing, energy management and consulting, and operational optimization.

We handle a data amount that percentage wise has increased by 

We handle 4.5 million measurement points today

We have 50 years of experience in thinking ahead

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Benjamin Nørby, Head of Industry Sales, has extensive knowledge about the energy market. He is in daily contact with energy companies and knows about the it- and software requirements within the area. Contact Benjamin for a non-binding conversation.
Benjamin Nørby, Head of Industry Sales