As frameworks change frequently and state control becomes steadily more detailed, the energy and utility sector calls for rationalization. Our contribution is digitization based on sector insight and focus on efficiency in all parts of your business.

Digitization must reduce pressure

The energy and utilities sector has been hitting the headlines in recent years. New and increasingly detailed requirements challenge the business, and for many, this leads to consolidation, strategic partnerships and mergers.

In this highly complex landscape, our focus is to create a sense of calm in respect of operations and room for your new initiatives. This is why we invest heavily in:

  • A broad solution portfolio, capable of supporting a greater part of your value chain.
  • Development and modernization of our primary solution, KMD Easy Energy. The key words are: process orientation, user-friendliness and functionalities to match the new market needs.

Free up resources for what matters

Digitization has the potential to carry a large part of your burden. However, it cannot stand alone, and that is why we adopt a panoptic approach:

Digital work processes save time and cut down on manual errors.

  • Online communication with customers. Raises your service level and improves customer contact.
  • Optimization of work processes. Energizes your core business and development.
  • Hosted operation with Software as a Service. You will be relieved of the responsibility for e.g. operations, licenses and back-up and get a very competitive economy.

We are with you all the way

KMD has had close ties to the energy and utility sector for many years - especially during the transformations of the past years. This solid experience is embedded in our digital solutions, creating a starting point for close and innovative partnerships with our customers. At times, things have to get done quickly, and we have the capacity to do just that.

We manage all types of utility, including the complexity inherent in multi-utilities.

Data security, operational reliability and complex contexts are in our DNA. This implies that your critical business processes will run without interruptions releasing resources for the sort of development that is high on your list of priorities.

The question is; where do you see the future challenges?

Energy & utility solutions

KMD EnergyFlex

KMD EnergyFlex is a modern SaaS solution developed for the energy market. The purpose of the solution is to contribute to the green transition. The platform covers the entire value chain for flexibility; from grid optimization to aggregation and trading flexibility from units consuming electricity.

KMD Elements

A cloud-solution offering a highly efficient solution to handle complex data validation and advanced formula-based settlements on time series for companies operating in the energy market.

KMD Energy Management Suite

KMD Energy Management Suite is a cloud solution for data retrieval and quality control, analysis, and calculation of energy data as well as a data platform for use in usage billing, energy management and consulting, and operational optimization.

Would you like to hear more?

Benjamin Nørby, Head of Industry Sales, has extensive knowledge about the energy market. He is in daily contact with energy companies and knows about the it- and software requirements within the area. Contact Benjamin for a non-binding conversation.
Benjamin Nørby, Head of Industry Sales