User Empowerment

We see a big development in who and how IT solutions are used in society. Our end users are everything from the elderly who struggle with a constantly more digitized society to digitally native generations entering the labor market. Software products and services have to deal with the entire continuum and create transformable solutions.

KMD Technology and Innovation Map - User Empowerment

Horizon 1

Technologies that are known to both us and our customers. Technologies that have been thoroughly researched or are well on their way into our products, MVP's or innovation projects.

Grafana can query, visualize, alert and understand metrics no matter where they are stored. It can show data using fast and flexible client side graphs with a multitude of options. It allows exploring data through ad-hoc queries and dynamic drilldown. It can be used for defining alert rules.

No code is a software development approach that requires few, if any, programming skills to quickly build an application. This allows i.e. business employees who have the necessary domain knowledge and understand the business requirements for an app, but lack knowledge of programming languages, to create software applications such as a form or website, or add functionality to an existing site or app.

Horizon 2

Technologies known to either us or our users, but not thoroughly tested. Strong candidates to participate in POC's to investigate technical possibilities and value potential for our customers.

Natural language processing is a branch of artificial intelligence that helps computers understand, interpret and manipulate human language. NLP draws from many disciplines, including computer science and computational linguistics, in its pursuit to fill the gap between human communication and computer understanding.

Self-Service Analytics is a form of business intelligence (BI) in which line-of-business professionals are enabled and encouraged to perform queries and generate reports on their own, with nominal IT support. Self-service analytics is often characterized by simple-to-use BI tools with basic analytic capabilities and an underlying data model that has been simplified or scaled down for ease of understanding and straightforward data access.

Self-service automation describes the practice of connecting self-service to other business processes and platforms through a workload automation solution, or empowering end-users with a self-service portal to run preconfigured jobs and processes through an enterprise job scheduling solution.

Voice user interfaces (VUIs) allow the user to interact with a system through voice or speech commands. It can be an addition to a standard UI for people with disabilities.

Horizon 3

Technologies that neither we nor our customers have had their hands on. Technologies that are so relatively new that their value has not yet materialized in the context of our customers and end users.

ML driven user interface is mixing the human experience with automated and ML-driven technologies. ML interface simply offers the information needed to make a choice easier, providing value to the end-user. There is no pressure to make a decision.

Self-service AI/ML automates training and deploying of a model, leaving the business user to concentrate on the data. It removes complicated security and Data Governance concerns from data preparation. Many of the analytics tasks on an AI/ML platform are either semi-automated or fully automated.

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