Value and results from citizen care across healthcare, welfare & social services

KMD Nexus can digitize and integrate activities across professional healthcare areas, in order to meet citizens with a comprehensive plan, and to optimize results. You can work with a single plan across different professional areas, and you can work within a single care pathway. You will be assisted in creating an overview of efforts and their results.

Great user experience

KMD Nexus has a simple and intuitive user interface that can be customized by the user himself or by a system administrator. Our system includes a web-based mobile access and an easy overview across citizen groups as well as per citizen.

Flexible system with customized solutions

You get a flexible system with customized solutions securing common methods and processes. The platform is SaaS which means easy and rapid updates, no installation and low maintenance. It has configurable workflows to support customer specific processes and focus areas and has open interfaces to be used by 3rd parties. Functions are adaptive to the needs of each individual citizen.

Data driven management

KMD Nexus provides a quick overview and easy access to data across the entire platform and flexible management reporting tools to ensure full overview of strategic, tactical, and operational levels. It strengthens interdisciplinary management collaboration and offers inter-sectoral datasets in order to manage efforts based on goals, activities and results.

Strong and highly satisfied customer base on KMD Nexus

KMD Nexus is a standard platform configurable to support local customer processes in a flexible and efficient manner. We work closely with our customers, also when it comes to scope new development. Our platform is used by around 80 Danish municipalities.

It is scalable to accommodate large and small organizations, has fully integrated solutions across departments, it is designed to adapt to existing external IT-systems, and we have the best partners who are continuously developing extensions to our framework.

Our goal is to drive results by providing a coherent overview of the citizen-related aid across the organization, to involve citizens as an active party, and to share data, for example, across municipalities, where appropriate.


More than 100,000 people use KMD Nexus.

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