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Solutions that Improve Employee Productivity in the Future

KMD partners with some of the world's largest manufacturers, including SAP and UGK, to provide some of the most powerful payroll and time management solutions on the market.

Our Clients

Cloud-Based HR & Payroll Solutions Increase Productivity

Your payroll software has a wealth of information regarding your key business processes. However, working with payroll data and time tracking must be simple, intuitive, and quick. Otherwise, value quickly depreciates. KMD provides cloud-based payroll and time management solutions that help you innovate while also streamlining your HR operations.

Cloud Technology

Being in the Cloud is a Good Idea

You won't waste time trying to squeeze additional efficiency from your IT using cloud-based technologies. Cloud solutions use off-the-shelf components to save operational, maintenance, and support expenses. Payroll software delivered via the cloud allows you to concentrate on your main service, your business, and your customers. Price, technology, and operations are significantly less essential competitive factors.


Our Solutions are Naturally Compliant

Our systems ensure complete security throughout all processes. Access to our software is possible via a PC, laptop, tablet, or mobile device. Overall, this means that you can deliver professional service to your employees by ensuring smooth processes across teams and departments.

Expert advice

Get expert advice on all areas

KMD has SAP HCM, SAP SuccessFactors, KMD Payroll Cloud, UKG, and S/4 Finance experts, as well as SAP Cloud Platform, document management, integrations, interfaces, file exchange, Microsoft custom development, and much more.

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