Everything from fundamental social services in face-to-face interactions with citizens to administrative chores behind the desk is rapidly being digitized.

For more than 50 years, KMD has worked with society's digitalization. We are very aware of the challenges faced by the public sector and are working to guarantee that:

  • IT infrastructure is consistent and transparent
  • We are using a modular approach, you may "develop as you go"
  • Data, deliverables, and legislation are all protected by security measures
  • For ministries and municipal governments, field-specific systems are being developed
  • We are using data from several entities to supply an easily accessible foundation for decision-making at all levels


Welfare Must be Supported by Digitalization

The combined local public authorities' digitalization strategy lays out the path for how digitization may help people: the entire public sector needs to improve at coordinating, exchanging, and reusing data across sectors. Centralization and collaboration in terms of organization must pave the path for improved service quality at lower prices.

We continue to take on responsibility for society's challenging digital duties at KMD.

Our Trademarks

We Share Your Agenda

Denmark has one of the world's best-run, most efficient, and digitalized public sectors. For more than 50 years, KMD has been a part of the journey, and we continue to invest heavily in the development of Danish welfare, from digital infrastructure to citizen-centric welfare.

Our trademarks include open systems, solid infrastructure, and a prominent level of security, all of which are based on our extensive knowledge of government operations.

Therefore, we welcome strategic, cross-sectional, shared management, and co-creation collaborations. We have already completed several challenging IT projects in the Danish public sector, and we have the experience and strength to see your projects through to completion.