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We built KMD Payroll Cloud to achieve a higher automated payroll process. By reducing double maintenance for e.g. new hires and replace with integrations KMD Payroll Cloud will have high data quality to produce high quality payroll data. The close integration with your HR system is one thing, but the new payroll process in Payroll Control Center is the real value driver. KMD Payroll Cloud have standard integration for both SAP SuccessFactors, SAP HCM and Workday. The many integration options set the standard for dataflow with other systems.


KMD Payroll Cloud contains what you will expect of a modern payroll solution. Get overview of your payroll process in the new Payroll Control Center and take full control of your payroll. Even when the payroll run have problems the Payroll Control Center will be your guide. Set up validations, threshold limits and be notified of alerts throughout the payroll period. Spread the workload in the full payroll period and say goodbye to time consuming backflows. Be in full control with KMD Payroll Cloud.


KMD Payroll Cloud contains both payroll and reimbursement. The backbone system in KMD Payroll Cloud produces more than 1.2 million pay slips per month. This is your security of a well proven solution for the cloud. The solution is regularly updated with new features and legal requirements. Get a lower Cost of Ownership with KMD Payroll Cloud by higher scalability, security and no technical maintenance or operation tasks. In short – a strong solution built for the future.


KMD Payroll Cloud is more than just a payroll solution. Get in control on your payroll runs, be notifed by a new control center and run payroll for all scandinavian with an alligned payroll process. You run the payroll - and KMD will assist you with relevant services.


The automated process gives less manual work and less double maintenance with risk of data inconsistences. Get more refunds with the automated reimbursement process.

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Be on top of your payroll process and be proactively better prepared for the productive payroll run. Identify and correct errors in master data and payroll results throughout the month, spread the workload and be in full control.



With KMD Payroll Cloud you can run payroll for Denmark, Norway and Sweden using the same login. You will get an aligned payroll process for all countries, less integrations, more automation and be in more control across countries.

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The Payroll System of the Future

KMD has launched a new cloud-based payroll and reimbursement solution, which brings you a future-proof payroll system delivered as Software-as-a-Service.

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KMD Payroll Cloud for Scandinavia

KMD Payroll Cloud for Scandinavia is a unified approach to managing payroll and reimbursement processes across Nordic borders delivered through the cloud.

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We know, that choosing a new payroll solution is not an easy task. In this FAQ you will find answers for the most common questions for KMD Payroll Cloud. If you do not find an answer, then please contact KMD by using the contact formula below.

With the same login, you can run payroll for Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. Using a new Payroll Control Center, you will get an aligned payroll process across countries and payroll specialist in each country will be able to assist each other in special cases.

With KMD Payroll Cloud you will be notified about potential errors in master data and in the payroll results. These alerts will make you able to correct data in advance to make you best prepared for running the productive payroll run in the end of the month. KMD assist you in the payroll tasks by importing tax cards, and by send legal reporting for tax, pension, ATP and also sending pay slips for e-Boks. KMD will regularly update KMD Payroll Cloud with legal requirements and additional functionality. You will run the payroll and KMD will take care of technical matters to assist you the best.

KMD Payroll Cloud is delivered with an automated reimbursement process. The absence information used for payroll is re-used in the reimbursement module. When criterias are met for starting a reimbursement case, the information’s are sent automatically for NemRefusion/virk.dk. The automated reimbursement process with less manual work and double maintenance will result in more reimbursement funds for your company.

Companies in all industries will benefit by using KMD Payroll Cloud. Today, the payroll solution is running live for both manufacturing companies and retailers (with a majorit of bluecollar workers, part time workers), and also by service and knowledge based companies (with a majority of monthly wage earners with many bonus programs and other special payment options).

KMD Payroll Cloud have standard integration for Workday, SAP HCM, SAP S/4HANA and SAP SuccessFactors. With an open integration KMD Payroll Cloud can easily integration other HR systems.

KMD Payroll Cloud is implemented on a fixed payment contract. After Go-live you will pay a Price-per-payslip - no payment in advance and you will be invoiced after each payroll run with the accurate number of payslips. We believe this is the most fair cost model and your budget will be safe with KMD Payroll Cloud.

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