User-friendly and intelligent self-service gives efficient procedures and high-quality management, for the benefit of both customers and business.

KMD XForm is a market leading digital self-service solution. It is a standard software platform that can build any flow:

  • Simple as well as complex processes can be digitalized.
  • Based on flexible templates.
  • Ensures high data quality
  • Gives effective workflow
  • Fast case management

KMD XForm is a low risk, cost-effective and flexible solution to realize the benefits of digital self-service. It combines business insight with technical skills allowing new ways to provide services and digital self-service. It handles the operation safely and let you focus on your core business.

Strengthens decision making

Digital self-service is not about technique, but about understanding processes – KMD XForm makes tailor-made flow-designs based on your business requirements.

Data based insights into the use of self-service and continuous maintenance and updating of processes and flows.

Effective and optimized work processes allow you to focus your resources on productive tasks.

Our solutions allow you to focus on your business

With a documented uptime of more than 99.9% we deliver a secure and reliable operation of 1,000 self-service solutions distributed on 35 private and public customers.

KMD XForm handles the operation safely and let you focus on your core business. KMD’s specialized personnel provide back-up, maintenance, updates, system operation and maintaining compliance with legislation.

Solution and data is placed in KMD’s secure Danish facilities and stored just as long as you so wish.

KMD XForm reduces costs

Streamlining: simplifies the processes with self-service, one point of contact and effective user interfaces.
Automation: reduces the manual work and the number of errors through digitalization and validation.
Integration: direct transfer of data to relevant registers and specialized systems.

Standard solution with minimal requirements for system development

A standardized platform that continuously is developed and can be tailored precisely to your needs, in order to match your business - both now and in the future.

Fixed price without surprises

A fixed monthly operational service gives transparency and personal stability.

No interruptions of core business

Minimizing risks through a well-tested solution, reusable standard components as well as a safe and reliable operation.

KMD has experience and knowledge

KMD XForm handles annually +1M submissions through more than 1.000 self-service solutions, including mission critical and personal data sensitive solutions and +35 customers deliver cost-effective services to their end users.

We have 15 years of experience with design, development and operation of all sorts of self-service solutions for the Danish market and an in-depth knowledge of best practices and legislative requirements within digital self-service for both private and public customers.

KMD knows the customer’s business and therefore offers ”full-service” – deliverables to any needs.

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KMD XForm reduces costs, deliver good customer experience and reinforces operation in a versatile delivery model that suits every need.


15 years

KMD has over the past 15 years invested in KMD XForm which is currently market leading in a number of areas.