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KMD Payroll Cloud is the preferred Danish SAP payroll system for the cloud. The solution ensures that, at last, you can experience the strength of coherent payroll and HR processes and it makes SuccessFactors more relevant than ever before. Work across areas such as search, recruitment, onboarding, talent management and payroll – in one and the same user interface.

Many people who work with payroll and HR in larger Danish companies dream about a system that adapts to their working day. Instead of the other way round. However, lack of flexibility makes it difficult to optimize and standardize organizational processes, monitor employee performance and strengthen talent management. In practice, most people recruit in one system, onboard employees in another, manage payrolls in a third and develop talent in a fourth. This means double the work and poor data quality. And a working day in which time is spent on tasks that do not add real value.

From an IT perspective, the same problem applies. The landscape is full of different systems for different HR processes, and often the systems do not communicate well enough.

Future-proofs your payroll and HR processes

Our ambition has been to create a joint payroll and HR solution by combining KMD Payroll Cloud and SAP SuccessFactors. For the first time, the combination provides the possibility to run all payroll and HR processes in one system with all the resulting automated functional advantages. And you get all the advantages of a cloud-based solution.

Full functionality, an entirely new control center and automatic reimbursement

The solution contains everything you expect from a modern payroll system. In addition, it has a new control center that will enable you to constantly maintain an overview, even when the payroll creates problems. For example, the users can set up validations that can automatically detect errors through the entire payroll period. This provides less backward iteration with troubleshooting and means that the workload can be spread over the whole month when the payroll run traditionally creates stress as we approach the 21st.

Moreover, KMD Payroll Cloud automates the reimbursement processes, which are currently manual and thus vulnerable to human error. The solution is integrated with NemRefusion and ensures that your reimbursement process is run punctually and everyone gets their reimbursements.

With KMD Payroll Cloud you can:

  • Utilize SAP SuccessFactors’ Employee Central and consequently gather all payroll and HR processes in one and the same system. In connection with other HR systems, KMD Payroll Cloud with its open API allows for better flexible integration than ever before.
  • Make your payroll and HR solution accessible to users anywhere and at any time from all mobile devices - in a modern user interface, which makes working with payroll a new experience.
  • Set up validations and points requiring special attention so that, throughout the entire payroll period, you can constantly discover errors and thus distribute the workload over the whole payroll period.
  • Make use of all the advantages of a cloud-based solution, including in relation to operations and ongoing development of new functionality, updates as well as automatic adjustment in relation to Danish legislation.
  • Maintain the integration to your existing SAP landscape and achieve economies of scale and continued development of the solution with standardized SAP modules and integrations.

Well-tested payroll core minimizes the risk

Over the past many years, KMD has been the leading supplier of payroll and HR systems to the public authorities in Denmark and to large parts of the private sector. Our systems already provide payroll services to more than 1.2 million employees, and we are aiming at more.

KMD Payroll Cloud uses the well-tested and secure backbone from KMD Nettoløn. It just no longer happens on-premises, but in the cloud. By changing from an on-premises solution to KMD Payroll Cloud, you get automatic updates, greater scalability, better IT security – and no technical operation. In brief: A stronger solution with a lower Total Cost of Ownership. KMD can handle the entire implementation in three months, and you need only use one telephone number: Ours.

KMD has 18 years’ experience with SAP and has been a SAP partner since 2004. We are a S/4HANA hosting, service and consulting partner with SAP. We have developed KMD Payroll Cloud in close cooperation with SAP.

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