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Our customers

The platform enables DOLL to create a digital twin, fostering more complex use cases across data types and allowing stakeholders to explore IoT-based applications. AI/ML services, based on live and historical data, support decision-making in municipal technology, operations, and urban planning.

Add value across projects

Create value across all your IoT projects.

Many municipalities have a need to consolidate their IoT data across their various supplier solutions in different administrations and business areas.

The IoT projects that have started the value creation in the municipalities are based on individual use cases. By combining data across and in new contexts, the individual IoT projects will add value to each other.

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Let structure set you free

Achieve scalability without sacrificing coherence

Grow your scalability through our build-in structure as your data gets standardized and linked whereby your services and applications can use data across all your sources and IoT projects - without requiring integration projects, coordination, and a jumble of dependencies.

No vendor lock-in

Open standards are key

KMD Data Context Manager is built on open-source components, primarily from the Fiware Ecosystem. This provides flexibility and freedom to choose a supplier on an ongoing basis, build across technologies, and most importantly, change your infrastructure if the need for a new cloud provider or a more local data center becomes necessary.

Your benefits with KMD Data Context Manager

Smart City Infrastructure

Enterprise service level, ongoing development, maintenance and security. The platform is constantly being developed so that you have the opportunity to purchase additional components and services that are relevant to your domain.

Combine all your data

When you gather all your data from both IoT devices and other systems in smart data models, you allow yourself to create new connections in your solutions by linking data without your solutions becoming inseparably tied together.

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OS2IOT from the get-go

It is crucial for the platform's relevance to Danish municipal customers that it is integrated with OS2IoT, so that those municipalities that are OS2 members can easily build on their existing IoT infrastructure.

European standards for IoT

The platform follows the Open Agile Smart City principles for MIM architecture and the NGSI-LD API standard for IoT data. Therefore, you are assured that data and components are open, well-documented, and compatible with all other components.

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