KMD WorkZone provides an increased overview of case handling and compliance which leads to a better citizen experience.

KMD WorkZone offer the functionality to cover organizations' need for knowledge sharing, knowledge management systems, case management, calendar management, meeting and archiving of e-mails as well as general secretarial tasks.

KMD WorkZone makes it possible to collect and store all communication with citizens, customers and businesses, including letters, forms, telephone notes, emails, meeting minutes, pictures, sound and video files in one system.

As part of KMD WorkZone is a series of simple processes to manage approvals., submissions and hearings.

KMD WorkZone meets all market standards for document management functionality, including format conversion, versioning, document and case references, approvals, workflow, audit trails, access management, tagging, classification and indexing.

To use for reporting and management information there is full integration to Microsoft Power BI.

KMD WorkZone functionality

KMD WorkZone supports a wide range of technical standards, including MoReq, Odata standards, ODF and OOXML document defaults.

Users can choose how they want the functionality presented. There is a Web-based client, offering the user the entire feature set including a Dashboard that can be easily customized to suit and support the user's tasks.

Another entrance to the functionality is KMD WorkZone for Office: an interface that is seamless integrated and embedded in the Microsoft Office Suite.

With the WorkZone Process module, you can design your own processes. WorkZone Process is 100% integrated in Microsoft Outlook, which means that you are working in a familiar user interface.

Workzone Mobile is a mobile solution for both online and offline use. It is a phone and table application which allows you to read, comment, approve or reject tasks assigned to you.

Consolidation of units

KMD WorkZone can be operated with several legally independent units running in the same instance without sharing documents and cases and it is possible to use a global configuration or special configurations for the independent units.

KMD WorkZone can deliver stable centralized operations while making provisions for local needs.

KMD WorkZone uses this kind of operation at several large public customers today, including Danish Defence and Ministry of Taxation.

Streamlined processes

KMD has the necessary experience with security and IT to customize a solution for your exact needs.

KMD WorkZone comes with built-in processes for submissions and hearings.

There is a standard package with extended processes for the public sector, including processing of requests for access to information and a fully configurable workflow system from Microsoft is built into KMD

WorkZone, which can be used by the customers to digitize their specific processes.


KMD WorkZone is operated from where you already work; in Outlook, in Word, in the Windows Explorer, on your mobile device or from our dedicated web client.

In recent years, thousands of users have started using the new user interface resulting in an increased employee satisfaction.

When workflows go digital efficiency increases

Compliance to Public Administration Acts. It can provide the necessary tools for monitoring case processing times in order to comply with processing deadlines.

Savings on IT operations by consolidation into a single Case Management system with centralized operation.

One point of entry to documents, cases and shared knowledge.

Higher efficiency and better quality in case processing through digital process support and workflow.

KMD has solid experience with Case Management

KMD is Denmark’s largest Case Management supplier since 1983. Several major Public institutions have already chosen KMD WorkZone; Copenhagen Regional government, Danish Defence, Danish Customs and Tax Administration, Ministry of Environment.

100% availability in operations which handles more than 250 million documents in one system and more than 56.000 users nationwide.

Download & read

WP EU GDPR billede
White paper

KMD WorkZone

This whitepaper describes the general EU-GDPR feature set as it is implemented in the KMD WorkZone 2018 product.


Download & read

KMD WorkZone
White paper

KMD WorkZone

KMD WorkZone solves the need for digitalization of processes without comprimising insight and usability.


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