Did you know, that about 90% of security breaches could be avoided with improved security awareness and employee training?

Protect your business critical information and minimize risk of breach

KMD offers a comprehensive security awareness program that reduces your risk of employee-related security breaches and cyber-attacks like e.g. ransomware and other types of malware, phishing, social engineering, etc.

KMD can assist you throughout the entire process of creating an effective program, maintaining and updating it. You can choose a standard program that fits most companies based on our extensive security experience or you can choose a fully customized program that fits your design guide, working procedures and IT security policy.

KMD will deploy your security awareness program in a low-risk and time-efficient manner.

Reduce risk

Reduce risk of security breaches caused by human error or insufficient knowledge about threats and improve your company’s defense against external threats where your employees are the targets.

Ensure relevant compliance with e.g. DPR requirements, ISO2700x & PCI DSS, which require that employees are trained in secure behavior.

Reduce complexity

Transfer the complexity of information security to a trusted partner. We know ISO2700x to our fingertips and can build a program that embraces the guidelines as well as your working procedures. Minimal need for internal security resources.

Cost efficient setup

Avoid the substantial investment of designing and building your own Security Awareness program from scratch and remove risk of in house-based expertise and single resource dependency and get a pay-as-you-grow license model.

Dedicated to securing your business

KMD gives you the security competence to keep your business safe.

Focus on your business

KMD has the insight, capacity and infrastructure to safeguard your security needs end-to-end.

Best in class at your service

KMD proactively keeps you one step ahead of upcoming threats and new regulations.

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KMD Security Awareness

Protect your business critical information, minimize risk of breach and get the best possible return on your security investment.



More than 25,000 private and public employees have already successfully completed KMD’s Security Awareness Program.