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KMD Elements is a cloud-solution offering a highly efficient solution to handle complex data validation and advanced formula-based settlements on time series for companies operating in the energy market.

Built for the international market

KMD Elements is designed for the international market. The solution helps optimize energy production and settlements.


KMD Elements is a cloud-solution delivered as Software as a Service (SaaS). This means a significant reduction of costs associated with operation, maintenance and updates.

Agile & customizable

KMD Elements is built in modules, meaning that it can be customized to the need of the client and can develop and grow according to the specific needs.

KMD Elements utilizes the latest cutting-edge solution to empower the energy industry to further develop and innovate the energy market and production.

KMD Elements is designed to meet the increased complexity of tomorrows energy market providing one platform for transparent communication, data validation and settlement based on massive amounts of time-series.

KMD Elements is built for the international energy market and can serve all clients handling advanced formula-based settlement covering:

  • Power plants
  • Wind turbines
  • Hydro power plants
  • Solar power cells
  • District heating
  • Gas
  • Other decentral production units with production time series

KMD Elements is an international solution for the energy market. The software is built to work across national borders and supports multiple languages, time-zones and currencies.

KMD Elements infographic

Illustration of assets that can be supported by KMD Elements.

The way we produce, transport and utilize energy is evolving rapidly. It is nothing short of an energy revolution. A necessary revolution though to meet the EU ambition of having 27% renewable energy production in 2030 – just one among several energy related goals. Getting there requires smart technological investments, and with this comes a need for optimizing an increasingly complex energy system! To succeed we need technology. Our answer is KMD Elements.

Jesper Ruus Pedersen, Business Line Director Energy & Utility, KMD Business


Illustration of process flow in KMD Elements.

KMD Elements is built on Microsoft Azure technology. This ensures the flexibility needed to build the software in modules, meaning that it can be customized to the need of the client and has the ability to develop and grow according to the specifics needs of the customers.

KMD Elements is a cloud-solution delivered to clients as Software as a Service (SaaS). This means that our clients get all the advantages of leasing rather than owning. Thereby cutting down the cost of maintenance and updates.

KMD Elements is designed to be simple and intuitive. This shortens the implementation phase and provides easy onboarding to the system in general.

A solution built for the new energy market

KMD Elements brochure

KMD Elements brochure

KMD Elements can help optimize and support your work with complex formula-based settlements on time series, validation of data and communication no matter what type of energy you work with or how many. Read more about what KMD Elements can do for you in the brochure.

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Jesper Ruus Pedersen

Jesper Ruus Pedersen

Business Line Director, Energy and Utility

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Our experience with the energy sector means that KMD possess a deep understanding of the energy market and its mechanisms. We will use this experience to help you. 

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