Save time and money - and utilize your resources even better.

KMD Duty Plan is the resource- and workforce management system that integrates directly to your existing payroll solution.

The system’s combination of centralized management and selfservice makes it easy to utilize the resources optimally and ensures that the employees get a contributory influence on own working hours.

KMD Duty Plan optimizes your resources and provides overview

Unlike the classic consulting firms working with an office package, we offer you a tool to automate your information security management processes, allowing you to comply with best practices and manage your business risks more efficiently.

Everybody benefits from KMD Duty Plan

  • Ensures optimal utilization of workforce capacity within agreed budget frameworks
  • Saves time and money on double bookings and uncovered shifts
  • Integrates with existing systems, synchronises data crosswise and eliminates the need for manual control so planners can spend their time on planning
  • Increases the employees’ opportunity to plan shifts without involvement from leaders
  • Ensures job satisfaction and efficiency when IT systems changes from being a necessary evil to a helping hand
  • Automatically complies to all legislation regarding working hours’ rules
  • Can easily be translated to other languages

Optimizes resources for time and money saving

KMD Duty Plan automatically optimizes the duty plan to the actual workforce capacity needed.

  • Save time and money on double bookings and uncovered shifts
  • Ensures complete utilisation of the capacity
  • Save disbursed supplement pay and unnecessary temporaries
  • Ensure that your employees work the number of hours agreed
  • Comply with collective and local agreements
  • Your duty plan is updated in real time via predefined rules

Perfect integration

  • KMD Duty Plan interacts seamless with your other systems
  • Processes and data transfer between the systems are automated
  • Optimization of the workforce management carries over to payroll optimization
  • Easy simulation of the cost regarding different workforce configurations and compare it with the budget
  • Everything without aligning any data

To the benefit of all employees

  • KMD Duty Plan allows employees to see, wish, choose, swap and access shifts
  • The employee can time record when it suits her
  • No unnecessary involvement of schedule planner or leader
  • Platform independent and works on PC, mobile and tablet
  • Happy employees and a better work environment

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KMD Duty Plan

KMD Duty Plan optimizes your resources and provides overview. KMD is your safety for stabile workforce management - securely and automatically.



KMD Duty Plan manages more than 60,000 individual duty plans each month.