Easy, secure and efficient administration of day care services.

KMD Day Care supports processes and needs for day care administration. It is a modular end-to-end solution for administration of public day care that has the following modules:

  • Citizen Day Care application portal.
  • Caseworker tool for visitation, reimbursement and billing.
  • Capacity management and prognosis tool.
  • Private Day Care management tool.
  • Intranet and parent communication.
  • Management information tools.

KMD Day Care minimizes the administrative burden, improves efficiency and parent satisfaction in a secure cloud environment.

Administrative Control and Optimal Citizen Service

KMD Day Care has a Citizen Self Service portal which provides a workflow based guidance for parents seeking day care, direct booking of available spaces for parents and application for subsidies. Citizens get the right information and are guided to make the best decision.

You will also get efficient invoice and subsidy management which provides a calculation of own payment, based upon rules, calculation of subsidies to day care institutions and integration to debit/credit systems.

Overview and Control

Planning and management are supported by various tools.

Case handling managed with all relevant information available, planning, budgeting and simulation helps optimize resource usage and dashboard with relevant KPI’s helps target on problems before they occur.

Efficient Visitation Process

Effective decision and process support.

Complete overview of waiting list, easy assignment of free spaces, automatic communication with parents and workflow support.

Strong and Highly Satisfied Customer Base

KMD Day Care has a general customer satisfaction of 85% and is used by 84% of all the Danish municipalities.

The solution has strong customer involvement in product development, is a complete and flexible product that supports all processes and ensures high efficiency. KMD offers very skilled and professional support and implementation staff.

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KMD Day Care

KMD Day Care supports processes and needs for day care administration with administrative control and optimal citizen service.


20+ Years

KMD has in depth experience from delivering IT solutions to the Day Care area for more than 20 years.