The regions must deliver more healthcare for the money. But how? The question calls for new insight for management, effective cross-sector cooperation and, not least: IT that can carry the ambitions.

The goal is better quality and coherence

The dominant trends in the healthcare area can quickly pull the carpet from under the regions’ economy. New expensive medicine, more chronically ill people and a growing group of elderly are just some of the realities the annual productivity improvements have to battle with.

On this basis, Danish Regions, Local Government Denmark and the Minister of Health have formulated eight national goals for healthcare. Among other things, these goals include better coordinated continuity of care, better prevention and greater effect for the patients centrally. Thus, the initiative must not just be measured on the activities, but on the quality, results and the patient’s own assessment.

Interaction between IT and insight

In KMD, we have given the area a high strategic priority and we will make a team of Denmark's most experienced consultants on the field available. Not only does this give you the breadth in the business solutions, it also gives you a partner capable of handling the complex challenges in relation to themes such as security, availability and continued development to match your business goals. In brief: A solid interaction between IT and insight.

In KMD, we have given the area a high strategic priority and we will make a team of Denmark's most experienced consultants on the field available.

Administrative management and efficiency

Which course and treatments provide the greatest effect for the money? Through significant insight into the regions and municipalities, KMD can deliver data-driven decision-making support in sector transitions between regions and municipalities. We have the ambition to become the regions’ preferred partner when it comes to value-based management and

Population Health Management. Furthermore, our team of very experienced consultants has considerable insight into the regions’ daily management tasks. This gives you the insight that can create value for the patients - and more healthcare for the money.

In addition, a wide range of solutions will create efficient administrative management and processes, right from document management to procurement and building operations.

Digitized healthcare and prevention

Telehealth and patient-reported information are two development areas which the citizen will be encountering - and at the same time raise both political and healthcare professional ambitions. Our focus is to integrate the new solutions into the regions’ overall digital solutions - with the level of security that is absolutely crucial for confidence in the systems.

Infrastructure with coherence and security

Digitization is spreading in all dimensions and makes IT still more essential - from the core service in the encounter with the patient to the administrative tasks behind the desk. We are familiar with this challenge, which we tackle while focusing on:

  • A coherent, transparent infrastructure
  • Security for data, deliverables and legislation
  • An efficient use of the resources.

The success criterion is to deliver stable digital services painlessly to the regions, either based on the regions’ own data centers or as a service from KMD’s data centers. Furthermore, KMD has one of Denmark’s strongest product sales departments which, via unique knowledge of the regions, can deliver both hardware and software together with the necessary consultancy.

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