The fourth industrial revolution has introduced us to a number of new concepts: Disruption, service design, customer experience, self-service, Internet of Things, analytics, mobile, cloud computing... just to mention a few.

They all refer to the digital and technological development which exponentially transforms sectors and business models so that large and so far successful companies are challenged in the fight to maintain their relevance for the customers.

It also involves huge requirements for the companies’ IT platforms for increased agility, security and speed of implementation for the same resources.

At KMD, we therefore work closely with private sector with focus on three critical success factors: The company's customers, business processes and infrastructure.

Valuable customer experience

The digital development in recent years has shown that companies can go from being market leaders to relics in just a few years. The customers' digital behavior continuously present companies with new critical requirements for the provision of relevant and individualized services which create a valuable customer experience across all channels.

At KMD, we take your end customers’ view when we cooperate with you in using the latest methods and technology for the development of innovative platforms for new data driven business and customer interaction.

Digitalization and automation of business processes

The following factors are the most important prerequisites for being able to deliver an effective and unique customer experience: accessible data, integration of data and systems, insight, analysis and, not least, security as well as streamlining and automation of business processes across the company’s entire value chain.

At KMD, we help you solve the task by developing intelligent data platforms. With a platform approach you will be able to address the known challenges associated with legacy systems, data silos, non-transparency and costly, manual work processes. We are also able to create seamless interaction between customer related systems and business applications.

Hybrid, serviced platforms

It often takes a complex infrastructure to fulfil the stricter requirements for performance, stability, flexibility and security. To meet the requirements, a number of companies use a hybrid of operating models. This increases the complexity of your infrastructure, architecture and application layer.

We help to keep down complexity. In a combination of proven proprietary and third party technologies, we provide and service hybrid, cost-efficient and integrated solutions within operation, security monitoring, maintenance and development of infrastructure as well as applications. We have done this for many years for some of the largest leading companies. Not only in Denmark, but in the rest of the Nordic Region.

One of the largest selections of modern technologies in the Nordic Region

Examples of proprietary technologies include the Lifelink+ platform for the insurance and pension sector, the View21 platform for the finance sector, the Easy platform for the energy and utilities sector, the ECM platform Workzone and many more.

Furthermore, we offer solutions based on our comprehensive partnerships with SAP, IBM and Microsoft but also a number of independent best-of-breed security and business applications.

In addition to our range of technologies, we offer a comprehensive catalogue of attractive services aimed at enterprises.