Building a digitized society

Digitization is spreading rapidly in everything from core welfare services in the encounter with a citizen to the administrative tasks behind the desk.

In KMD we have worked with the digitization of society for more than 40 years. We know this challenge by heart and work to ensure:

  • A coherent, transparent IT infrastructure
  • A modular approach that enables you to “build as you go”
  • Security for data, deliverables and legislation

Digitization must support more welfare

The joint local authorities’ digitization strategy has mapped out the direction for how digitization must contribute to welfare: The entire public sector must get better at coordinating, exchanging and re-using information across sectors. In terms of organization, centralization and collaboration must pave the way for higher service quality at lower costs.

At KMD, we continue to assume responsibility for the complex digital tasks in society.

Safely navigate digital changes

A highly digital landscape can provide significant advantages in the form of e.g. data re-use, more welfare, efficient IT tendering processes and more digitization for the same amount of money. However, the foundation of digital infrastructure must be in place in order to succeed, and this is where we Denmark’s leading IT-company contribute under three headings:

  • Increased business transparency with a broad overview and decision support based on data across the organization
  • The crucial basis for increased collaboration in the local authority, between local authorities and across sectors - and for efficient self-service options for citizens and companies
  • Both in terms of complying with legislation and providing assured delivery and privacy

We share your agenda

Today, Denmark has one of the best run, most efficient and most digitalized public sectors in the world. We at KMD have been part of the journey for more than 40 years and we continue making massive investments in developing Danish welfare - from the digital infrastructure to citizen-centric welfare.

Our trademark is open systems, strong infrastructure and high level of security, all based on our deep insight in the workings of the public sector.

This is why we are open to all types of collaboration - strategic, cross-sectional, shared management, co-creation. We share your agenda.