The government is facing a historically ambitious digital boost. With both a significant share in the development of the common public sector foundation and with numerous own initiatives. In this process, we are ready to take on our part of the responsibility.

Rationalization has many faces

The pace of digitization in the central government will continue to be fast in the coming years. The public authorities must balance an enhanced service level with tight budgets and this is where digitization will contribute. Internally, to rationalize e.g. work processes and decisions. And externally, to strengthen the service for citizens and companies.

At KMD, we stand by the fact that abilities come with an obligation, and we place our contributions to rationalizations under four headings:

  • Digitization of the foundation under the society, which is already one of the world's most digitized.
  • Development of field specific systems for the ministries.
  • Renewal of government platforms.
  • Utilize data across entities in order to create an easily accessible basis for decision on all levels.

Rationalization is also about knowing where the potential is. Our analyses can tell. We act on the answers providing recommendations for both IT and processes.

Get safely through the changes

On several fields, the continued digitization is about a generational change. The existing legacy systems are on the road to retirement, but what will take their place? And how can the central government ensure the operation both before, during and after the transition?

You will have a solid partner in KMD for this change. IT must either support or develop your business, and therefore we prioritize insight highly, across the technological landscape, in the depth of your business and with an eye on the future context.

We are already behind numerous complex IT projects in the central government, and we have both the experience and the strength to bring your projects completely across the finish line.

This is what the government gets in the cooperation with KMD

  • We give you unique experience in the public sector digitization - and solid knowledge of the IT landscape of the future.
  • You can get insight into managing according to your priorities by linking data together across entities.
  • Your solutions and data are safe in our experienced hands.
  • We create the peace to work; all the way from the legacy systems across complex transitions to the solutions of the future.