Grid optimization

Assistance for the assessment and optimization of the power grid

KMD Flex helps grid operators to incorporate flexibility in their load analyses close to realtime. By trading and activating flexibility from local flexibility markets, grid operators can avoid bottlenecks and reduce stress periods on the power grid. They can also ensure stable operations and, consequently, a longer service life of its infrastructure.


Obtain new sources of income through flexible units

Energy companies and energy consumers can benefit from demand flexibility in the form of new opportunities to generate earnings. As an energy company, it is possible to aggregate, sell to and/or balance flexibility for existing and new local flexibility markets. Consequently, it can work as a direct source of new revenue. It is possible for B2C and B2B energy consumers to connect their assets and make flexibility available to the aggregator, which can make your power consumption more efficient and also function as a source of income.


Create a green profile by contributing with flexibility

As an energy consumer, it is possible to connect your units, regardless of whether they are charging stations, heat pumps, solar cells, air-conditioning systems in buildings, etc. and sell the flexibility. This contributes to the green energy market of the future. By working with demand flexibility, you contribute directly to the green transition and a more sustainable energy system since with reduced consumption, you reduce the load and thus extend the service life of the infrastructure.

Advantages of a full flexibility solution

It is possible to create value and obtain profits by working with flexibility across industries.

A flexibility solution that covers the entire value chain

KMD EnergyFlex contains modules for grid operators, aggregators, and energy-intensive consumers.

Contribute to the green transition

By way of flexible consumption, we lower the stress on our infrastructure and ensure a green transition that is also financially sound.

Increased insight into consumption patterns in realtime

By gathering data at a higher frequency, with deeper insights and by being closer to electricity consuming units, it is possible to increase insight into our consumption patterns closer to realtime.

New source of income from flexibility

The increased need for a flexible energy system and making flexibility available creates new opportunities for generating income. If you, as an actor, are able to manage a portfolio of flexible units, then this allows you to create new business models and opportunities.

Postpone investments in the power grid

By considering how you stress your infrastructure and through data-driven decisions, it is possible to extend the service life of your infrastructure.

Easy setup

With KMD EnergyFlex, you can be fully operational with flexibility trading in a very short time. Once your units are identified and connected to the platform, you can immediately begin trading with flexibility.

The solution contributes to the energy market of the future

Get answers to your questions

We know you may have questions and doubts when you are considering investing in a new IT solution. For that reason, we have gathered some of the most significant questions below. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for, you are welcome to contact us by using the form at the bottom of the page.

Yes, it is possible for a live demo review of the solution.
The solution is well-proven and thoroughly tested with great success across the Nordic markets.
The solution can be integrated with other flexibility solutions such as smart charging stations, SCADA systems or other control systems. It can also be integrated into the company’s existing system landscape.
Concurrently with our nation going through a green transformation as we work on meeting the 2030 and 2050 climate goals, we need to have a more flexible energy system to support this transformation as much as possible.
The solution is fully automated and just needs to be configured according to your criteria for stress and pricing.
There are several options for connection. This can be done by way of an IoT-device we set up for you, but units can also be connected via existing SCADA systems or similar ones. The solution is fully integrated with local and national flexibility markets such as NODES, FFR and FCR.

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