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KMD Energy Management Suite is a recognized tool used for generating information and new opportunities to optimize operations and finances. The solution allows you to set up alerts for early detection of waste and errors, and enables you to analyze and prioritize initiatives for energy-saving measures. The system also makes it possible to generate various reports to create an overview and provide the answers you need. As KMD Energy Management Suite daily collects data, it is set up to monitor consumption, allowing you to implement energy-saving measures before year’s end.


KMD Energy Management Suite compiles all energy data in one place and enables different types of documentation for both internal and external stakeholders, including CSR documentation, generation of green accounts, and efficiency reports. KMD Energy Management Suite provides each party easy access to specific information they need, presented in a way that is easily understandable and actionable.


KMD Energy Management Suite makes it possible to transform data into action. The solution's benchmarking function allows comparison among different buildings, installations, or production units, which can help identify culprits of unnecessarily high usage. This function, together with the other functions (measurement, control, budget follow-up, CO2 accounts, other documentation etc.) jointly make the green transition a realistic endeavor.
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With KMD Energy Management Suite, you get a tool for transforming data into action. KMD Energy Management Suite collects consumption data from various sources and compiles them in one place where you can validate, process, and communicate data.

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Frequently asked questions

Below we have gathered answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about KMD Energy Management Suite.

Yes, most often data can be collected retroactively. If you already have data from another system, these can be migrated to KMD Energy Management Suite.
KMD Energy Management Suite is operated by KMD who uses the latest technology with Microsoft Azure. The solution is guaranteed to operate in an EU country and complies with all safety regulations. This means that the solution is central and accessible via browser. No installation is required to the customer.
The price depends on the number of meters on which data is collected, as well as which modules are procured. In addition, the actual implementation with setup, training and possibly migration of historical data, all of which are lump sums.
KMD Energy Management Suite has more than 50 different integrations to ensure collection of meter data independently of the meter supplier and other systems used in the organization. These integrations include Datahub, Kamstrup, Danfoss, CB Svendsen and others. KMD collaborates with many other supply companies and can therefore collect data from those as well.
It is possible with few financial funds to start with a smaller number of meters as the solution is priced according to the number of meters and modules. If necessary, you can continuously purchase more meters and modules. This model is used by many of our customers.
Yes, it is possible with our Mobility-app to read manual meters in a semi-automated way. Furthermore, it is possible with WebTools to visualize consumption on for example tablet and smartphone. Read much more about different option in the brochure which you will find under your industry.
From the first agreement until the first meter data figures with you, a maximum of 48-hour pass. After this, a set-up work can be expected in the event of further integrations are expected, migration of historical data, education etc. A typical implementation process takes 2-3 months.

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