Typical KMD PlassData DVI customers are Interior Ministries, National Police Forces, Forensic Institutes and Universities from all over the world.

Time-saving data processing

Advanced processing of mass disaster data

KMD PlassData DVI compares entered or imported data and pinpoints plausible matches between a large number of missing persons and decedents/body parts in the aftermath of mass fatality incidents. The automated data processing helps authorities save valuable time in a difficult situation.

Reliable identification

Disaster victim identification based on global standards for DVI protocols

KMD PlassData DVI has a unique offering. It is based on the globally accepted standard for DVI protocols and is the only commercially available Disaster Victim Identification software which is fully integrated with the INTERPOL DVI forms.

Offline usage

Work at remote sites

KMD PlassData DVI makes it possible to register data on a computer, tablet or mobile phone even at remote disaster sites without internet connection.

Standardized data exchange

Easy data exchange with other databases

Most major accidents or disasters involve victims of different nationalities. This necessitates a rapid and standardized exchange of identification information between the countries involved. KMD PlassData DVI makes it fast and easy to exchange data between different databases via XML or PDF files.

Multilingual choice

Work in your preferred language

KMD PlassData DVI allows DVI teams to work together with ease, even if they do not speak the same language. The system default language is English but each DVI team can use their preferred on-screen language. The system is also able to print complete DVI form sets in English, French, Spanish and Arabic.
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KMD PlassData DVI supports a complete reconciliation workflow

From searching/matching to reporting through comparison reports to identification reports including conclusions/signatures.

Searching capabilities on all entered data

Carry out advanced searches on all entered data, including dental records, DNA, fingerprints, X-rays, photos, etc. Automatic batch matching on all dental data can also be applied.

State-of-the-art dental technology

KMD PlassData DVI has a dental records system in a class of its own. The system is developed in consultation with dentists from The Forensic Odontology Working Group of the INTERPOL DVI Standing Committee. The new V6 includes extended dental comparison information and pop-up of dental X-rays and diagnoses.

Key KMD PlassData DVI features

- Recording of missing persons (ante-mortem data) and decedents (post-mortem data) is based on INTERPOL DVI forms
- All-in-one file manager
- Side-by-side file comparison
- Advanced search engine
- Searching capabilities on all entered data
- Easy import/export of files
- Print selected, empty or numbered DVI form set
- Creation, printing/export of reports
- Matching of files with automatic batch matching on all dental data

Key KMD PlassData DVI reports

- Comparison reports
- Identification reports
- Reconciliation reports
- Body Storage reports

National Register of Missing Persons

KMD PlassData DVI has a specially designed National Missing Persons and Unidentified Bodies (MPUB) database and forms to be used in day-to-day work on missing persons and unidentified bodies not related to disasters. You can enter information not available in the DVI forms – for example last known to be alive, missing from, last seen at/in, possible whereabouts and possible motive for disappearance. With the MPUB features you can make electronic announcements of searches and of persons found through PDF files to other countries.

Additional benefits

samspil mellem systemer

Fully integrated with INTERPOL DVI 2018 forms

KMD PlassData DVI is the only commercially available DVI system which is fully integrated with INTERPOL’s DVI forms. A case in the system consists of form fields similar – but not identical – to the paper-based INTERPOL DVI forms as we have added computer functionality not available to the paper-based system. Because screen pages replicate the printed INTERPOL DVI forms users are not in doubt about where to register data in KMD PlassData DVI. Therefore, users who only update data in KMD PlassData DVI just need a limited number of training sessions before they are conversant with the software.

Remote and On-Site Support

We offer second level support
(online/e-mail/phone) to our
We also offer two kinds of
on-site support:
1. Emergency on-site support provided
at a disaster site
2. Technical on-site support
independent of a disaster. In this case
our experts will assist the authorities to
ensure they are technically prepared
to handle the large amount of information
on missing persons and unidentified
bodies received in the aftermath of a

Continuous development

We continuously develop KMD PlassData DVI in close collaboration with INTERPOL and DVI teams all over the world. This way we ensure that the needs of our customers and the INTERPOL standards are met.

We make a difference when disaster strikes

KMD PlassData DVI has proved its indisputable quality countless times in many countries.
For instance, it has aided in the:

  • Vnukovo Airlines Flight 2801 plane crash in Svalbard, Norway (1996)
  • Terrorist bombings in Bali (2002)
  • Thailand Tsunami (2004)
  • Terrorist bombings in London (2005)
  • Princess of the Stars ferry capsizing in the Philippines (2008)
  • Air France AF447 plane crash in the Atlantic Ocean (2009)
  • Christchurch earthquake in New Zealand (2011)
  • Oslo Bombings and Utøya shooting in Norway (2011)
  • Lac-Mégantic derailment in Quebec, Canada (2013)
  • MH17 plane crash in eastern Ukraine (2014)
  • Germanwings A320 plane crash in France (2015)
  • Truck with 71 dead migrants in Austria (2015)
  • Great Belt Bridge rail accident, Denmark (2019)

KMD PlassData DVI was used in different ways in these incidents. Sometimes only for the collection and transfer of AM data, and at other times to deal with the entire ID operation depending on whether the countries involved had a license to use our software.

Frequently asked questions

We support all modern browsers (Android, iOS etc.)

KMD offers an irrevocable, perpetual, non-exclusive and worldwide license to use and copy the Licensed Software, including the right to transfer (gift) the Licensed Software to each of any Customer Jurisdictions for their exclusive use, in accordance with a written License and Support Agreement. Our licensing model is primarily targeting a country-wide police force and other organizations/institutions working with identification covering a license to all identification-personnel within the country and otherwise hired personnel during a disaster.
If you are interested in pricing or purchasing KMD PlassData DVI or other of our products and services, please contact us.
In relation to educational use at Qualified Educational Institutions we offer access to our online training platform, i.e. rental of a fully configured KMD PlassData DVI System platform (cloud based). Please contact us for pricing.

Yes. It is possible to use KMD PlassData DVI on multiple client devices like desktops, tablets, and mobile phones.

No. Whilst the full functionality of KMD PlassData DVI can be utilized by using most of the data entry options, the software will also work – at a lower capability level – by using those features available at the customer level.
Our software comes with an initial 3-year Maintenance and Support Agreement, which covers all updates for the purchased modules and second level support. After the initial term, the agreement can be renewed yearly. The Maintenance and Support service must be ordered in a continuous fashion for as long as the customer wants to maintain the licensed software.
Yes. We offer both standardized and customized on-site training courses as well as remote live training courses. All training courses will be conducted in English.
KMD A/S is the sole proprietor and provider of KMD PlassData DVI.

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