KMD WorkZone Quality Center: Automated rule engine across the system landscape

KMD WorkZone Quality Center is a compliance tool that ensures optimal use and correct handling of data across communication platforms, file servers and document management systems. Companies can also build their own rules in KMD WorkZone Quality Center and manage and monitor the users’ compliance with these rules.

It happens daily in most organisations: employees carry out digital activities that clash with GDPR, security policies or internal rules. This is rarely on purpose, but rather a natural consequence of increasingly complex and interconnected digital workstreams. The repercussions can be serious and may, for instance, result in severe fines.

One example of a simple but frequently occurring error in data handling is registration of a document containing sensitive personal data that is classified as open or public in the system. Another example is a document saved on a file share even though the document is a contract that should have been stored in the official contract archive.

This highlights the need for IT solutions that keep track of the growing amounts of data and the related and everchanging compliance task while supporting the organisation’s work streamlining processes and increasing data quality. A continuous focus on the organisation’s data quality provides peace of mind when data is processed, shared and distributed among colleagues, customers, citizens and companies.

Assistance on the compliance task

By using KMD WorkZone Quality Center organisations will not only quickly identify the data that breaks with the organisation’s registration praxis. They will also have an entirely new opportunity to formulate their own rules, implement them in the data structure and follow the development of the processing through theme dashboards.

KMD WorkZone Quality Center provides several business advantages:

  • Compliance. Are the documents containing civil registration numbers classified correctly? Does the title of an e-mail contain sensitive personal data? Is customer data stored in the wrong place? With an automatic and continuous scan of every piece of data the organisation minimises the risk of breaching, for instance, GDPR
  • Process support. Correct data is crucial in precise and efficient data processing
  • Data consistency across the board. Rules in KMD WorkZone Quality Center work across data sources. In addition to KMD WorkZone, the tool integrates with Microsoft Exchange, OneDrive, Teams, SharePoint and the file system, ensuring that data is stored in the right place
  • Higher data quality. As part of a larger digitalisation trend data is increasingly exposed externally. This also includes data that was not meant for external exposure at the time of registration. Therefore, it is important to have a tool such as KMD WorkZone Quality Center to ensure data quality when data suddenly appears in new contexts. An example could be project information that was originally registered with the purpose of internal processing but was later displayed in a portal


Build and track your set of rules

KMD WorkZone Quality Center contains several standard rules directed at GDPR compliance. In addition to this, the Quality Center tool expresses business and organisation-specific rules out of the box, just like KMD WorkZone does. This means that organisations can build the compliance that best suits and most precisely supports their desired registration praxis.

Defined rules create observations and thus establish the basis to carry out corrections. When you define rules, you also define who will receive the observations. Some observations can be forwarded to a team while others can be sent directly to the individual user, who will then be responsible for acting on the observation.

Rules - and with them observations - can be divided into themes. You can, for instance, have a theme containing rules with the purpose of complying with GDPR standards, while another theme deals with ensuring data quality in contracts. KMD WorkZone Quality Center can be integrated with Microsoft Power BI and employed to set up one or more dashboards where those responsible for business and data can follow the development.

In addition, KMD WorkZone Quality Center contains a search report feature specifically aimed at handling personally identifiable data. Here you can search for a name and/or a civil registration number, which prompts the Quality Center tool to create a report of results across data sources. The report will then, for instance, contain project and document information from KMD WorkZone, e-mail communication from Microsoft Exchange and documents contained in a Microsoft Teams area. The feature saves a lot of time when organisations are asked to locate select pieces of data.

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