Step aboard your personal digitization journey with KMD WorkZone

The backbone of any modern organization should be digital. But the transformation journey can be complex and overwhelming.

Because far too often, it starts with technology – instead of you.

With KMD WorkZone, you set the course, the ambition, and the starting point. For the first time, you can board a digitization journey at your starting point, giving you freedom and flexibility when choosing your implementation strategy and pace.

A perfect fit for both public and private

KMD WorkZone is an Enterprise Information Management (EIM) Platform designed to improve workflows and case management in complex organizations. Both in private companies and in all levels of government; from central to local government.

All levels of government

KMD WorkZone improves workflows and case management in all levels of government: improving citizen services, efficiency, and resource allocation.

With KMD WorkZone, you avoid time-consuming manual processes and you no longer risk losing data. The platforms’ strong compliance setup ensures that you automatically follow all rules and corporate governance.

For private organizations

In enterprises, KMD WorkZone provides efficiency, speed, and greater organization-wide collaboration, resulting in greater performance and smarter ways of working.

KMD WorkZone naturally adapts to your organizational needs with its configurable low code/no code setup. The wide range of modelling capabilities allows users to easily create custom processes and workflows without external help.

Your digitization journey at your own starting point

Traditionally, information management systems have been developed as either bespoke solutions or off-the-shelf-products. Bespoke systems are expensive and take a long time to develop, often resulting in an obsolete system once it is actually implemented. On the other hand, standard products never completely fit the needs of an organization –requiring expensive workarounds. With KMD WorkZone, you get the best of both worlds.

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KMD WorkZone certification program

The KMD WorkZone certification program is a part of our commitment to helping customers realize the full potential of the KMD WorkZone platform. The certification program is available to customers, consultants and other partners who need to expand their WorkZone competencies.

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