CO2 calculator can solve complex climate challenge

When municipalities, companies and organizations today calculate their total CO2 emissions, it is very resource-intensive to report accurately. But during 2022 KMD will launch a simple solution to the climate challenge, which is already showing promising results after a testing period at Danish municipalities.

A new climate calculator from KMD can calculate CO2 emissions retrospectively, but it can also provide municipalities, companies, and organizations with information about where to reduce their CO2 emissions and what impact different solutions will have on the result in the future.

The new calculator differs from other calculators because it can measure specifically on scope 3, which is the most difficult category to measure, as the emissions here come from subcontractors, transport, waste and other external factors.

Four municipalities have recently tested the climate calculator called KMD CarbonKey, and the results are promising. In addition to Sønderborg Municipality, Samsø, Odense and Oslo have also participated in the test phase, and almost half of the country's 98 municipalities have curiously followed the project.

"We have been happy to participate in the pilot project and be involved in the development of the climate calculator, which can calculate the CO2 impact. The calculator can help solve a complex problem, because in the future we will probably have to measure specifically the climate footprint in scope 3, and then the climate calculator can contribute to targeting future climate efforts in Sønderborg Municipality," says Søren Jensen, Head of Strategy and Procurement at Sønderborg Municipality.

Can reveal blind spots

The CO2 calculator has comprehensive data on climate impact on everything from fuel, diapers, beef, uniforms to pens or district heating. It is the extensive data that forms the basis for KMD CarbonKey authority to make the complicated calculations of the total climate emissions.

“The CO2 calculator can of course calculate the climate impact for the year that has passed, but more importantly, it can also show the soft spots in terms of climate and what effect it will have to change its efforts in these areas in the future.  What effect will it have if we choose option A over B? It calculates this in both scopes 1, 2 and 3," says Merete Søby, Executive Vice President of Data Driven Solutions at KMD. She adds:

“It is especially the emissions in scope 3 that are the tricky piece of the puzzle, and here can lie a very large blind spot. Therefore, it is crucial for changing behavior and routines that you can see exactly where and how your green actions can make a difference, so that you can purposefully achieve your ambitions and strategic goals for a greener future.”

Green data behind climate calculations

The underlying calculations in the CO2 calculator have been carried out by climate experts from Viegand Maagøe, who specialize in green transition and energy and resource improvements.

"The goal is that municipalities and companies based on volume data in their invoice can autogenerate a green monthly account in the same way that they currently make their financial accounts. This will create a leap in ESG reporting and make Danish companies stronger in the global market," says Søren Eriksen, CEO of Viegand Maagøe.

The CO2 calculator itself collects the relevant data from, for example, the purchasing system, and the analysis can therefore be carried out without a prior and resource-intensive collection of data from the company.

KMD CarbonKey is part of KMD's digital, data-driven solutions within sustainability, which purposefully support companies and organizations in pushing the green transition forward.

About KMD CarbonKey

  • The CO2 calculator KMD CarbonKey provides one specific and automated analysis of a municipality, company, or organization's total emissions of greenhouse gases on scope 1, 2 and 3.
  • The CO2 calculator can both calculate the total emissions retrospectively, but it can also see where you should reduce your CO2 emissions and what effect it will have if you choose new solutions.
  • KMD CarbonKey is ready for use during 2022. Four municipalities have tested the solution, and climate experts from Viegand Maagøe have calculated the underlying climate figures behind KMD CarbonKey.

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