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Pensam and KMD enter into IT outsourcing mega deal

PenSam and the IT group KMD have just entered into a seven-year agreement that puts KMD in control of PenSam's IT portfolio for pensions. The scope of the agreement is unprecedented for the industry and provides PenSam with new opportunities to operate an effective pension business with a stronger focus on the customer.


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TDC Group and KMD enter into a new agreement on mainframe operation

Outsourcing: After a tendering round, TDC Group has entered into a new agreement with the Danish IT Group KMD on the operation of TDC’s mainframe platform. The two major technology operators will continue this cooperation for a further five years. KMD sees this agreement as confirmation of the good cooperation and its steadily increasing position in the business segment.


Press Release

KMD and GF Forsikring in new IT cooperation

OUTSOURCING: GF Forsikring has taken a strategic decision to concentrate its internal resources on IT development, while instead outsourcing part of its IT operations. After a tendering round, GF Forsikring has picked the IT Group KMD as its new partner.


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