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KMD wins million deal for IT platform for five network companies

VISUE, established and owned by 12 network companies, has chosen KMD as a supplier of a modern and future-proof industrial solution in a recently signed 10-year contract. The strategic solution will support five network companies in the green transition.



Press Release

New data-driven integration platform opens up business development opportunities for future-focused utilities

A new collaboration between Danish IT company KMD and Norwegian IT company Greenbird is delivering a completely new domain specific integration platform based on a loosely coupled integrated IT architecture for Danish multi-utility SK Forsyning. The flexibility granted by a loosely coupled IT architecture will support the existing core business of the Danish based utility and also open up new opportunities through the development of innovative digital services for customers. The IT architecture will also bring easier access to high-quality data, helping to support the green energy transition.



Press Release

Agder Energi and KMD will support the demand for increased flexibility in the Nordic energy markets through partnership agreement

A new partnership agreement between KMD and Norwegian energy company Agder Energi aims to accommodate the increasing complexity in the energy market and greater demand for flexibility in the electricity grid. With the partnership agreement, KMD and Agder Energi will provide technological platforms to effectively optimize the power system and manage energy consuming assets such as heating systems, cooling systems, pumps, and electric cars.



Anne Rosa Simonsen, Senior Press Officer

Anne Rosa Simonsen

Senior Press Officer

Christoffer Hellmann, Director - Communication

Christoffer Hellmann

Vice President, Communication