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KMD’s image recognition technology aims to stop dangerous and illegal protective equipment for sale online in the EU

Under tighter restrictions and a closed retail trade, more consumers are shopping online. Personal protective equipment is among the goods that consumers demand, and it is essential that the products are legal and safe. That is why the European Commission will start using artificial intelligence, in the form of KMD image recognition technology, to protect consumers from dangerous and illegal goods.



Press Release

Ørsted in new deal with KMD on billing, customer service and self-service for 150,000 points of delivery in the business segment

Denmark's largest energy company, Ørsted, has entered into an agreement with the IT group KMD, which will provide a Software as a Service solution for billing, customer service and self-service for Ørsted's business segment. The solution will streamline Ørsted's business and create better customer experiences. It will be implemented in the first half of 2021.



Press Release

Banqsoft acquires Concent to expand and broaden its market position

Nordic technology company Banqsoft, specialized in software for the financial services sector, has entered into an agreement to acquire Norwegian software company Concent. The acquisition will enhance Banqsoft’s capabilities, offer an additional product line within credit management and debt collection, and expand the customer base. The strategic acquisition is part of an international growth strategy supported by Banqsoft’s owner, Danish IT group KMD, part of NEC Corporation, a global leader in the integration of IT and network technologies. Banqsoft will take over customer relations, software and 85 employees located in Norway, Poland and Sweden. The two companies will join forces and continue to grow as one Banqsoft.



Anne Rosa Simonsen, Senior Press Officer

Anne Rosa Simonsen

Senior Press Officer

Christoffer Hellmann, Director - Communication

Christoffer Hellmann

Vice President, Communication