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Agder Energi and KMD will support the demand for increased flexibility in the Nordic energy markets through partnership agreement

A new partnership agreement between KMD and Norwegian energy company Agder Energi aims to accommodate the increasing complexity in the energy market and greater demand for flexibility in the electricity grid. With the partnership agreement, KMD and Agder Energi will provide technological platforms to effectively optimize the power system and manage energy consuming assets such as heating systems, cooling systems, pumps, and electric cars.




KMD partners with global leader in Talent Management solutions and strengthens its HCM portfolio

With Cornerstone's acquisition in 2020 of Saba Software, the Danish IT provider KMD strengthens its portfolio with Talent Management and Learning solutions.



Press Release

Danish start-up heads to foreign waters with Shell contract

How can a chatbot prevent accidents at sea? The Danish start-up Scoutbase has just landed a contract with Shell UK after a successful pilot project in which they gathered feedback on the well-being of the crew on board through their chatbot. The ambition is to reduce human error through an ongoing insight into human factors such as sleep, well-being and work pressure from the perspective of the seafarers.



Anne Rosa Simonsen, Senior Press Officer

Anne Rosa Simonsen

Senior Press Officer

Christoffer Hellmann, Director - Communication

Christoffer Hellmann

Vice President, Communication