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Danish start-up heads to foreign waters with Shell contract

How can a chatbot prevent accidents at sea? The Danish start-up Scoutbase has just landed a contract with Shell UK after a successful pilot project in which they gathered feedback on the well-being of the crew on board through their chatbot. The ambition is to reduce human error through an ongoing insight into human factors such as sleep, well-being and work pressure from the perspective of the seafarers.



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Change in KMD’s top management: Eva Berneke leaves KMD and Per Johansson takes over as CEO

One of the key players in the Nordic IT sector changes CEO. After seven years at the head of KMD, Eva Berneke has resigned as CEO of the Denmark based IT group. Per Johansson will become the new CEO on 1 April. Per Johansson has been recruited from within the company, where he has been a member of the top management since 2018.



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Blue Atlas robotics' underwater robots receives support from KMD

The underwater inspection of ships no longer strictly requires divers with manual measuring equipment. KMD has invested in Blue Atlas Robotics, which has automated the process with a specially developed robot, and the company points to better data and significant savings for ports, shipping companies, and other maritime entities when the robot is used.



Anne Rosa Simonsen, Senior Press Officer

Anne Rosa Simonsen

Senior Press Officer

Christoffer Hellmann, Director - Communication

Christoffer Hellmann

Vice President, Communication