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Regarding the handling of COVID-19 in KMD

The situation with COVID-19, also known as the corona virus, is developing all the time. At KMD, we are continuously monitoring the situation and following the instructions from relevant authorities.


KMD headquarters in Ballerup, Denmark


Warning about phishing/fake recruitment in USA

Right now, we are in KMD receiving a lot of inquiries about fake recruiters trying to hire job applicants for available positions at KMD in USA. To be clear, KMD is not expanding to USA and the alleged positions do not exist.


Press Release

KMD company buys Foqus Finance

KMD’s Norwegian subsidiary Banqsoft has acquired part of the Danish software company E Foqus, specifically the activities and assets related to the Foqus Finance product.


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Rasmus Avnskjold

Senior Press Consultant

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