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Since implementation of new IT systems – business-critical or otherwise – often results both in changes to an organization's IT structure and the daily work of users, implementation is a critical stage of any IT project.

Where IT projects used to focus primarily on the technical implementation, organizational implementation is now attracting still greater attention.

At KMD, we develop and implement our own software solutions, third-party solutions and solutions developed by KMD e.g. in SAP. Some solutions are meant to be used centrally – others on a decentralized basis in various organizational units. Some are standard-solutions – others require configuration.

This means that there is no one implementation method suited to all projects. Our implementation and project management method is adapted to the solution and task so that they match the activities covered by the project.

More and more development projects are carried out according to the agile method. This means that there is an on-going delivery of something that can be implemented which is tested continuously, is tested by the user and is deployed on a continuous basis.