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How does the future energy market look like? What challenges does it present to the individual energy companies? And how do you as a company become best prepared to take advantage of the many opportunities that arise? We have written a white paper about our take on the market’s challenges and opportunities from an IT perspective.


  • Read what challenges we see as the biggest in the energy market of the future

  • See how the increasing complexity will challenge the IT systems

  • See what the consumers will expect from energy companies and suppliers

  • Get examples of how the requirements for green energy will affect the energy market

  • Learn more about the opportunities that come with the technological development

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The future energy market will only become more complex than today. With a great amount of data and consumers demanding personal service and transparency. But, it will also give new opportunities. If the technology can keep up.

Excerpt from white paper 'new challenges and new opportunities in a complex energy market'