White paper - A guide for sustainable building operations

If we shall succeed in reaching the ambitious climate goals, the world needs action here and now. This white paper offers a step-by-step guide on how to utilize data to reduce energy consumption in buildings and optimize utilization value.

This white paper consists of:

  • A 7-step guide describing how to utilize data to improve energy consumption in buildings
  • Insights into typical pitfalls in the daily operations of buildings
  • Tips on how to increase utilization value with the use of IoT, climate index measurements and on premise services

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If we really wish to create a climate, where future generations can live healthily and safely lives - we need to look no further than our own buildings. An EU-report find that 40 % of the collected energy usage in the EU is used to heat up and cool down buildings and that consumes mere than 30 % of the Co2-emissions.