New diagnostics technology to help former KMD IRONMAN Copenhagen AG winner overcome injury

New technology from Danish startup is going to help athletes understand their injury better by testing their own blood.

Injury can be a fierce competitor, but new high tech is helping Christina Svejstrup as she is battling an injury in her foot, which has held her out of competition for a while. The measuring tool Egoo makes Christina Svejstrup able to test her own inflammation values using just a drop of blood.

Christina Svejstrup had a great start to her career by winning KMD IRONMAN Copenhagen in her Age Group, being the IRONMAN World Record Holder within Age Group, becoming European Champion at KMD IRONMAN 70.3 and becoming World Champion within her Age Group in Hawaii in 2018. Now she is hoping that new technology from will help her get ready for competition shortly.

Egoo sparked an immediate interest in Christina Svejstrup, when she heard of the easy-to-use device which can deliver on-the-spot test of her inflammation level, hemoglobin level, vitamin D level and much more with clinical-grade precision.

She is hoping to get a deeper understanding of her injury from a real clinical perspective to get back in action as soon as possible – while also learning enough to avoid further injury. To do so Christina Svejstrup is linking diet, exercise and training programs with the metrics measured on the Egoo device hoping to get fit faster.

Christina Svejstrup's daily training is being monitored by her own coach, while her use of Egoo will be followed by triathlete coach Martin Haastrup Ishøi. You can follow the Egoo project right here. is a Danish startup using their cutting-edge technology to help both athletes but also patients in all other kind of situations. Analysis of blood biomarkers is used in a variety of fields but the process from test and analysis to actual test is often cumbersome and a burden for both the patient and the healthcare system. Letting patients like Christina Svejstrup do their own test in the comfort of their home is going to make a real difference. That is of one the reasons why KMD IRONMAN Copenhagen title sponsor KMD has invested in and has become a part of the development team.