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The pensions and insurance industries are changing from old, rigid IT systems to new standard solutions capable of supporting substantial business transformation. Our contribution is a strong industry solution with the room to showcase what makes you unique. And to create profit for customers.

The digital transition is happening today

Pensions and insurance no longer collect dust in folders in the homes of your customers. Customers expect service that is fast, relevant, and not least: Digital. At the same time, you are under pressure from other sides: Legacy systems are expensive to run and maintain. Interest income and share dividends are falling. And the authorities formulate new, strict demands for your reporting.

In this crossroads of many pressures, we experience a strong demand for a new digital starting point. Standard systems capable of ensuring efficient process flows, reducing running and maintenance costs - and accelerating business.

Standard solutions of the future

Edlund and KMD collaborate on the delivery of market leading solutions for portfolio administration in the areas of life, pensions, unit link and insurance.

Policy administration

LIFELINK is Scandinavia’s leading standard solution for policy administration in the life and pensions sector. LIFELINK supports average interest, market interest rate, and unit link products in one and the same solution.

Platform for the calculation of market values and cash flows

ACTULUS supports G82 calculations as well as customer adapted products in models with re-purchase and free policy settings. ACTULUS is thus future-proof and meets the coming legislative requirements for accounts and solvency reporting.

Comprehensive personal economy overview

LIFESTEPS is the ideal consultancy tool for creating an overview of a household’s economy and for calculating the consequences of major investments and life changes.

Meet new customer expectations

Customer needs and wishes change on a daily basis. The same applies to legislation, and our digital platform is capable of handling these changes. Agile and simple, enabling you to gain ground in a changing market:

  • You get one solution, collecting data in one place. This provides customers with easy digital self-service and quick help when required.

  • The solution covers the entire value chain from the first contact to payment - with distributed automation and with coherence of data and processes. This gives employees an efficient work station, where they can close the vast majority of cases in a single work process.

  • Thanks to modern architectural principles, you get both the economies of scale of the standard solution and extensive scope for individual adjustment. And you get a world of opportunity for the development of new products and services on the basis of your knowledge and data.

  • With a coherent infrastructure and an overview of the portfolio, you can satisfy even complex documentation requirements.

We provide data and systems for the pension industry's digitization journey

Through industry-specific software and innovative customer journeys, our solutions contribute to giving pension companies a sharper profile in the market. Societal beneficial initiatives and customer-centric user experiences are cornerstones in the future of life and pension companies.

Our services strengthen the customers' business model

We develop flexible software that supports the business models of pension companies, increases your productivity, and ensures your competitiveness. We also have the expertise and resources to take responsibility for the duties that consume your time but do not create any value. We remove your concerns about security and compliance, allowing you to maintain focus on core business activities.

A safe, professional starting point

Edlund and KMD jointly support the IT platform for the pensions and insurance industries. This partnership gives you the best of two worlds: Edlund’s comprehensive and flexible IT solution, based on close customer dialogue, the latest research, and the best professional skills in the business. And KMD’s core competencies in operation, maintenance, and development of business critical IT - all wrapped up in uncompromising security.

Would you like to hear more?

Contact Louise Eff, Senior Sales Specialist, on phone +45 6198 2918 for a non-binding chat about how we can help realize your digital potential. Louise is in daily contact with pension companies and knows the challenges and opportunities for the area.