The financial market is moving faster than anyone had foreseen – and it is the reality in which your company must compete. Therefore, we specialize in providing software and a complete portfolio of value-adding services that are adapted to the changeable financial landscape.

IT in the core of the company

Banks and financing companies are affected by the digitization wave. It dictates increased productivity and increased efficiency in all parts of the business. And it dictates ongoing development of new, digital products that can make life easier for the customers.

As a sounding board and supplier to the financial sector, we connect deep technological competencies to business insight so you always appear modern, forward-looking and adaptable.

To be specific, we deliver digital solutions:

  • That are especially developed to cover the financial landscape
  • That can accelerate at your pace
  • That create measurable business value

Mobility, UX and integration

Banqsoft is a part of KMD. We have more than 25 years’ experience with developing and implementing flexible and effective software solutions for the financial sector. We base our development on the market leading technologies and manufacturers focusing on mobility, UX and integration - so that we can give you effective time-to-market and coherent processes from end to end.

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Solutions for the financial sector

Operational and financial leasing almost without limitations

Our solutions support operational as well as financial leasing almost without limitations in terms of the specific type of asset you wish to finance. Our View21 platform handles all types of leasing assets, right from vehicles to equipment, machines and real estate. We offer efficient management of additional services such as insurance, maintenance , fee rates and ad hoc expenses, including indexation of expenses, budgeting of fees, continuous updating and third party agreements.

Efficient handling of current and future banking industry challenges

Recent years have seen significant changes in the banking industry. The demand for advanced and flexible products and services is increasing. With our View21 platform you can translate your products into action and at the same time implement a high level of automation and digitization. The platform is designed to handle the current and future challenges in the banking industry.


Bank and finance companies have more than 3.7 million customers who use Banqsoft today.

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