Advanced settlement solution for energy traders

With its modular architecture and highly advanced configurability, KMD Elements is a platform that gives you full control over the creation of advanced contracts. KMD Elements offers a high degree of settlement process automation to reduce manual tasks, thus improving the effectiveness and quality of business processes. The KMD Elements user can also create complex calculations with time series templates or the integrated formula editor. The system flexibility enables the user to create and perform calculations on complex PPA agreements without further system development or adjustments. With the energy and utility market becoming increasingly complex, KMD Elements can assist your company in future-proofing your settlement processes.

KMD Elements key features

Advanced time series calculations

KMD Elements has been built with a future-proof formula engine which gives you the option of setting up advanced time series calculations using the built-in formula editor. The system handles time series with a high data resolution, and calculates on every data point in the time series. This enables you to introduce caps, rules, functions on data point level to fit your business needs or changes in legislation.

Automated settlement process

KMD Elements supports doing automatic settlements based on the frequency on the contract. The result can be transferred to your ERP system for invoicing. If changes in the time series data occur, a correction settlement will be calculated and sent to your ERP system, reducing the manual effort and minimizing the risk of errors.

Data accessibility

The system gives you full access to data, and gives you the possibility to extract operational reports for analytical purposes. These reports can be tailored using parameters and be delivered on a recurring basis. Furthermore, it is possible to extract a full replication of the SQL database for remit reporting and for BI purposes in external systems.

Flexible configurations

The system enables you to set up bespoke and non-standard contracts. It gives you the possibility to create and calculate advanced Power Purchase Agreements (PPA), including setting up settlement of Certificates/Guarantees of Origin. Configurations can be done in the UI without any need for further system development or adaptation.

Market adaptability

 KMD Elements supports doing settlements on all kinds of producing or consuming assets (i.e., wind turbines, wind parks, solar parks, hydrogen plants etc.) to meet your business requirements. The system calculates across time zones and day offsets, and can thus be adapted to new markets and business needs by simple configuration in the UI.

Process automation

The architecture in KMD Elements is based on microservices communicating through standardized and well-documented REST APIs. All areas of the system can be reached through the APIs. The REST APIs together with the attribute match functionality in the system paves the way for automating processes across systems in the system landscape.

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