Warning about phishing/fake recruitment in USA

KMD headquarters in Ballerup, Denmark

Right now, we are in KMD receiving a lot of inquiries about fake recruiters trying to hire job applicants for available positions at KMD in USA. To be clear, KMD is not expanding to USA and the alleged positions do not exist.

The job applicants in USA are being contacted by fake recruiters, who pretend to be employees from KMD, but instead they are trying to mislead the job applicants to hand over credit card information.

Known examples of KMD employees’ names that have been misused are Henrik Harder Olsen (Senior Service Consultant and board member) or Michael Steen Holst (Executive Vice President of HR).

The contact often begins at CareerBuilder.com and the enquiry is about work-from-home positions. In the cases known by KMD, the job applicants are being contacted from a Gmail account and instructed to download Telegram Messenger App for the job interview.

Through the interview, the recruiter tries to get personal information such as mobile subscription, account information etc. The job applicant is also told to buy working equipment for the job position.

These methods are not a part of KMD’s recruitment process, and KMD is firmly disassociating us from these acts. You will never be asked to download apps, give up credit card information or pay for working equipment, before you have signed the contract.

KMD employees will always contact you with an original @kmd email.

Do you have any questions, please feel free to contact Info@kmd.dk.