KMD is ‘going wild’

Everyone can go wild – even KMD – by supporting more wild and rich biodiversity in Denmark. The association 'Vild Med Vilje’ (Wild on Purpose) works to strengthen biodiversity in Danish nature by partnering with, for example, institutions, municipalities, or companies – and now KMD.

KMD has just partnered with Vild Med Vilje and during the next couple of years, more wild and exciting outdoor areas around the office buildings will be established. The goal is to contribute to increased diversity and wildness for the benefit of the flora and fauna of Denmark as well as the employees when arriving at the KMD-offices.

Facts about Vild Med Vilje

Vild Med Vilje advises its partners in 'wild' knowledge and 'wild' skills that help to yield the full potential of biodiversity in outdoor areas. This is knowledge sharing of for example design, outdoor facilities, plants, and gardening. Rasmus Vincentz, from Vild Med Vilje, describes the association as:

“A non-profit that works on spreading a holistic and inclusive perspective on nature, which emphasizes a wilder and more diverse nature. We have done this since 2017. Today, we have about 60 partners, and we are continually entering into dialogues with new, potential partners. These are both municipalities and institutions, such as Municipalities of Sorø and Roskilde and University of Aalborg and companies, such as KMD, KAB, and Danica Pension. Efforts made for nature are both about large, distant nature reserves as well as nearby areas around the workplace and home,” tells Rasmus Vincentz.

For the benefit of everyone – both beetles and humans

Biodiversity is about creating favorable conditions for both plants and animals. This also counts for humans. More biodiversity is not just for the benefit of the cornflower and the butterfly. It is also for the benefit of employees and visitors as Rasmus Vincentz describes it:

“Biodiversity is a great reason for the employees and management to become aware of the associated benefits on the well-being and life quality that come along with more vibrant natural surroundings,” he says.

Biodiversity is a great reason for the employees and management to become aware of the associated benefits on the well-being and life quality that come along with more vibrant natural surroundings.

Rasmus Vincentz, from Vild Med Vilje

A small step for KMD, but a big step for increased biodiversity

The small efforts of KMD can create a ripple-effect as employees, visitors, and passing pedestrians will take inspiration from the small changes towards a more rich and diverse outdoor area that they will experience on their way. The initiatives can also give rise to new topics of conversation at work and home and be an enabler of gathering people around common interests.

“Obviously, the small efforts will not save biodiversity, but the number of small efforts can actually make a significant difference for a lot of species altogether and help create a wilder and thriving nature. In these years, a strong movement to change our relationship with nature from decline towards progress is rising. A big part of this is to increase the awareness and knowledge of the natural environment. For this movement, the support from a company as KMD also plays a vital role to help keep the momentum for the awareness on the challenges faced by biodiversity,” says Rasmus Vincentz.

”This is especially about that KMD as a company can help inspire others and, thus, drive a new mentality to cultivate more biodiversity. In many years, we have had a cultural mentality of the right thing being straight lines and close-cut lawns. As a company, KMD can take a lead and show that thistles, wormwood, and wild-growing grass can be an intentional choice for the benefit of insects – and for a picturesque and inviting nature,” Ditte Haugaard Clausen contributes, who is the Public Affairs & Sustainability Officer of KMD.

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Photo credit: Rikke Milbak, Vild med Vilje