For more than 40 years KMD has been an integral part of building the infrastructure of the Danish welfare system. Each day Danish citizens use our systems – when receiving their salary, communicating with public administration, calculating their heating bill, and using others of the hundreds of systems developed by KMD in both the public and private sector.

IT is an increasingly important part of our daily lives. Our communication with authorities, employers, teachers, doctors and each other is increasingly done through bits and bytes. This opens for great opportunities but also presents unique challenges.

IT has created new ways to work and communicate. This has allowed us to become smarter and better at solving the many challenges we face as a society. The increase in data streams and information exchange has also increased the importance of data security.

KMD wants to support research and facilitate discussions that can create debate and progress in areas important to us as citizens in the Danish society. In this way we can contribute with our experiences and knowhow gained through the last 40 years of developing digital solutions. This is one of the most important contributions we as a business can make to the development of our society.

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