KMD is widely recognized as an international frontrunner when it comes to digitizing complex societal and organizational challenges.

We leverage decades of experience and know-how to offer digital solutions to complex challenges. Our modular solutions adapt to varying degrees of digital maturity. And every solution is easily integrated, unlocking new ways to improve societal welfare and increase efficiency as they integrate with the existing digital eco-system. As part of the NEC Group, we draw on an international organization of thousands of IT-specialists while offering a uniquely Scandinavian approach to digitization and collaboration. Ever-enthusiastic about our customers’ challenges, we deliver ambitious, digital solutions that meet their demands – both today and tomorrow. On-time and on-budget, of course.

IT on the agenda

With many years of experience with digitalization of the public sector in Denmark, we have gained a deep insight into the possibilities afforded by digitalization and we have played a vital role in Denmark being appointed 1st place in public digitization as announced by UN in both 2018 and 2020. Therefore we see it as our responsibility to help drive development in the societies that surround us –nationally as well as internationally.