Envafors' new integration platform is designed to support the needs of the energy sector

With the implementation of a new integration platform, Envafors has, according to its own statement, taken an IT quantum leap in the right direction. The integration platform is specially developed for the supply sector and has a system architecture that ensures the utility company stable operation and smooth workflows.

I think we've got a lot of value for money. Compared to our previous integration platform, now we can skip a lot of workflows because the solution provides a better overview.

Jeanette Johansen, Project Manager for the Implementation and Daily System Controller, Envafors


- Formed in 2008 via a merger of former utility companies
- Multi-utility, which handles the electricity, water and district heating supply, sells gas, handles wastewater and ensures street lighting in Slagelse Municipality, Denmark
- Employs approx. 150 employees and annual turnover for approx. DKK 500 million


With the implementation of a new integration platform, Danish multi-utility Envafors says it has taken an “technological quantum leap” in the right direction.

The integration platform is specially developed for the utility sector and has a system architecture that ensures stable operations and smooth workflows at the utility.

Envafors was the first Danish utility to adopt the KMD Utilihive platform. The solution was provided by KMD in partnership with Norwegian IT firm, Greenbird. The platform was implemented at the end of 2021 and it has already got off to a good start says the project manager for the implementation and daily system controller in Envafors, Jeanette Johansen.

“I think we have got a lot of value for money. Compared to our previous integration platform, now we can skip a lot of workflows because the solution provides a better overview,” she says, explaining that KMD Utilihive operates like a traffic hub for data exchange across Envafors' internal and external systems.

Ease of use and rapid troubleshooting
Envafors' previous integration platform was, to put it mildly, pension-ready. So when the Envafors team were shown what was possible with the KMD Utilihive solution, they were quick to make the upgrade.

“Firstly, KMD Utilihive is a far more user-friendly system than our old integration platform. As a system controller, I have access to a web-based dashboard where I can see how the data exchange is flowing that day and whether there are any errors I need to deal with. If an error occurs, I can quickly see the source of the problem, I can talk to the right vendor and they can take care of the issue. With the previous platform, troubleshooting was totally opaque. I would spend hours working with our suppliers to fix errors,” says Jeanette.

She also emphasizes how quick and easy it is to understand and operate the KMD Utilihive user interface.

“With just a small amount of training, everyone can learn to use KMD Utilihive. You do not have to have an IT education. This is really useful when we have to onboard new colleagues.”

A technological treat
Fit A / S provides technical assistance to Envafors. Fit A / S is owned by Envafors, Klar Forsyning and FORS. The company implements IT systems and services for Danish utilities.

Thomas SW Frosch is Senior Project Manager at Fit A / S and has helped Envafors with its implementation of KMD Utilihive. He is also very enthusiastic about the solution and calls it a "technological quantum leap" compared to its predecessor.

“One of the positive things about KMD Utilihive is that it is a cloud solution where KMD has operational responsibility. In addition, in terms of data architecture, KMD Utilihive is a real treat for someone like me. Using container virtualization, you can automatically add a server when needed. This makes the solution technically robust, so when we run large amounts of data through it, it automatically adapts to the need,” he says.

Built for precision
Envafors uses KMD EnergyKey as an Meter Data Management solution, KMD Easy Energy as a billing solution and KMD Cognito Utility for extracting data, so it already has a good, long-standing working relationship with the KMD Group. But both Jeanette and Thomas point out that, with the implementation of KMD Utilihive, they have actually become more supplier-independent than they were before. This is because KMD Utilihive can talk to all technologies, systems and data across vendors.

“Let's say we decide to replace our meter retrieval system tomorrow. Instead of having to build an integration that goes directly from the new meter retrieval system and out to all relevant systems in our IT landscape, we can simply build the integration between the new system and KMD Utilihive. Everything else continues to work exactly as it did before,” says Thomas. And as he points out, this is the whole idea behind an integration platform.

“But the special thing about KMD Utilihive is that it is a solution designed to support the needs of utilities, and that makes a difference. I spoke with a network company in Norway. They had explored other integration platforms that weren’t built for the utility sector. The other platforms had problems delivering the exact timestamp required to handle meter data, but KMD Utilihive handles the task to perfection. It's just one example of the advantages of using solutions specifically developed for the utility sector.”

Continuing the close collaboration with KMD
Envafors' short-term goal for the KMD Utilihive platform is to build an integration to Næstved Forsyning and an extra interface for a home delivery system in Kamstrup, so they can connect addresses automatically. In the longer term, both Fit A / S and Envafors can see a string of opportunities that would take advantage of the flexibility that KMD Utilihive offers.

“In principle, we can connect all the systems we want in the formats we want. It's just about creating the right interface. It is very easy,” says Jeanette and ends by praising the collaboration with KMD.

“Overall, it has been a really good collaboration with KMD. They are very knowledgeable and they’ve been attentive to our needs. For example, frequently meeting with us and understanding that we needed to feel reassured as the first customers of a new solution,” she concludes.

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