Co-workers smiling in office

Humor, a twinkle in the eye - or maybe a little linguistic thorn in the side - all in all, a good tool to make you notice the message and remember it.

Your strongest network

KMD is Denmark’s largest, funniest and most serious playground for IT talents. We are more than 3000 employees and even though some of our specialties are narrow, together we cover incredibly broadly.

We work with Java, Microsoft, Mainframe, SAP, architecture, test and project management. In addition, we have a strong salesforce and support functions like Finance, Strategy, HR, and Communication.

Flexibility is key

At KMD we don’t care how and when you get your good ideas. As long as you share them. Flexibility is the key and at KMD it doesn’t mean that you should work a lot more than you feel like. You should work because the job, the company, the customers and your colleagues inspire you. That is why, it is natural for us to make sure that the framework is shipshape. That applies whether you need to exercise, receive professional stimulation, eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner, have you clothes dry-cleaned or enjoy a Friday afternoon beer.

Danish champion of IT

KMD’s head office is in Ballerup. That we are Danish means that you - as KMD employee - is close to management decisions and that our CEO sits in an open-plan office with the rest of us.

We want to be best

We have a good time, but we do not go to work to be cozy. We want to be best. KMD has always represented growth and a positive bottom line because we have profound insight into all Danish markets, and we can couple it with global collaboration partners like SAP in Germany and Tech Mahindra in India and subsidiaries in Poland, Ukraine and Sweden. We buy up several companies in Scandinavia. So, it’s no joke that our own shuttle bus runs to and from the airport twice a day.

You are close to decision makers

If you want to get close to the decisions and seriously use your knowledge in a Danish growth company with international stature, then we would like to have you on our team.

If you have a talent for challenging boundaries, we will help you move forward no matter whether you want to be manager or specialist. Our principal duty is to secure focus and progression in the development of you and your projects.

IT rebels for digital revolution

IT is our tool and world class is our target.

We are front runners

We are front runners on IT security and we secure data irrespective of uninvited guests or common forgetfulness. Among our many results is Denmark’s largest business app, SmartCare, which makes life easier for home care assistants. A robot that recognizes your voice and helps you fill out forms. It is also us who are behind Denmark’s largest cloud solution, Folkeskolen’s digital platform and much, much more.

We make life easier for Danes with meaningful solutions

Every fourth Dane uses our solutions daily. For instance, when they become smarter at school, when they are ill, or when they receive salary and pensions. It is us who are behind solutions like Nemkonto, e-boks and Udbetaling Danmark.

Toward new goals

We are proud of that, but we are already on our way toward new goals. Because it makes no sense to rest on past wins, if we want to be part of securing the Danish welfare model and develop the IT solutions of the future. And we do.