My job makes me high

Niels Bjerring Bækholm, Sales Manager, KMD Viva

My team is small and agile, and there is not long from thought to decision. We are working closely together, although half of my team is in Poland. When we first went from a project phase to a fully implemented solution, we were high of happiness – because we had been able to solve a very complicated challenge.

My job

I am responsible for sales of our health platform within KMD Viva. The system makes it possible to ‘’visit’’ the doctor through one’s own computer or tablet. Patients with mental health issues often find it challenging to leave their homes, and that is just one of the problems to which our platform provides a solution. KMD Viva also helps doctors across the country when they have online meetings. Because our solution makes life a bit easier for many Danish citizens and professionals, that is something I’m happy to be a part of realizing.

We are a small start-up within KMD

It is cool to be a part of a new market. Because of that, we are like a little start-up within KMD. We are starting something new, and we are attracted to creating a vision with success. We work to create a solution which is fully integrated and meet the needs of the users. We really must fight for it, and that is something that demands many resources in our team. That is the cool thing about being a start-up in a big company like KMD!

Niels Bjerring Bækholm, Responsible for sales.

KMD Viva, Cang.mag, SDU.