Firm program with a lot of development

Nicholas Vestergaard Andersen, Project Management Graduate

As a project management Graduate, you will quickly be ready to run projects on your own if you have the will and the talent to do so.

You will learn everything about managing complex IT-projects and building the expertise and knowledge needed for achieving success in this area.

As a Graduate, I am constantly welcomed with very positive feedback from my colleagues, and people are always willing and ready to support and help me achieve my goals. The people at KMD are dedicated and professional about what they are doing. There is a pleasant atmosphere here. Especially when we are winning a tender, it is the ultimate feeling!

Working as a Bid Process Manager, I have the responsibility to ensure that we are following our governance procedures when we are producing an offer for our customers. I make sure that our project proposals comply with formalities and rules within KMD alongside meeting the requirements from our customers. Depending on the proposal we're working on, it brings me in contact with the entire value chain within KMD. I interact and collaborate with a wide variety of colleagues and customers, which means that I communicate with everything from architect’s to business people.

Inputs to the final product

Customers don't always know which opportunities and solutions that exist to the challenges they are facing. To ensure that we create the best possible solution and the right team working on the project, it is essential that we listen to the customer's needs and build our proposals on inputs the customer.

I deliver the specific process control and participate in meetings with different groups who are involved in the project, with the overall purpose of finishing tasks within the planned deadlines. My understanding of the customer's business is essential for the project, as this information helps define the final product. There is a need for good thoughts and ideas to secure that it isn't just business as usual, but something new.

Possibilities and challenges

I chose a Graduate program in KMD because it's a program that allows me to develop and grow both personally and professionally. KMD has so much to offer, and you will experience working on many different products and services during the Graduate program. For me, it was easy to see myself contribute in several areas of the business and move into different functions within the organization. What makes KMD such an excellent place to work for people who wants to move into positions with more impact is that you don't need to move to a new company – you just move to another role within KMD.

Nicholas Vestergaard Andersen, Bid Process Manager.

Cand.merc Change Management SDU.