Do you want to be an IT-specialist and a consultant at the same time?

Anne Johnson, SAP Consultant and part of the KMD Graduate program

Do you want to meet the customers on their home field? Do you want to be in a
professional area where there is work for at least the next 10-15 years? As an SAP
Graduate, you will get all of these possibilities.

It sounds like a good commercial. Maybe a little too good to believe in, but it’s a very accurate description of our course. The SAP Graduate track offers both education and practical experience for me. Also, I have an actual impact and can define personal training and development. As an SAP Graduate, I have seen every IT-related subject. Nothing less. From back-end, architecture, databases and platforms to front-end and UI. Within these exciting areas, I am working with design processes and implementation. Here, I am a part of developing processes, which in the end is the reason for the implementation.

Design thinking

I’m a coordinator, contact person and expert in different areas within SAP. Therefore people come to me when they have questions or want to discuss, for example, Design Thinking. When I am getting recognition for the hard work I am contributing with it makes me work even harder tomorrow.