KMD focuses on my future too

Allan Baungaard Jakobsen, Principal Application Architect and mentoring the KMD Graduate program

KMD is in the middle of a fantastic development period, and it has created a culture of
winner mentality and teamwork. There is an incredible interaction between experienced
KMD people and new consultants. To me, the final touch is KMD's SAP Graduates who
come with positive energy and the latest theories from the universities.

My job in KMD

I am a Principal Application Architect in KMD SAP Central Design Authority. The SAP CDA-team uses the newest SAP-technology in customer projects and internally within KMD. It's so motivating to be able to formulate and define the SAP-structure in KMD and have an impact on our position in the market.

When I solve assignments for our SAP-customers, it happens thanks to my skilled colleagues and our Graduates. One of the initiatives in the Central Design Authority is the launch of the SAP Graduate program. We have a vision, and it is to educate some of the best SAP-consultants in Denmark. It is an area which is in a significant need for well-educated labour, and we are excited to overcome this hurdle with the help of our talented graduates.

The happy mentor

One of my favourite parts of the job is to be a mentor for these fresh and ambitious Graduates. I am a professional partner but also ready for personal advice if needed. With the other mentors, I am planning our graduate's educational courses and involve them in projects for our customers. Moreover, I receive a lot back in both a personal and professional manner by working in close collaboration with these young and bright people.