What you didn’t know about KMD - KMD ELEMENTS

What is KMD for a size and what does the future look like with NEC? Thomas Hansen Hvilsom is a project manager at KMD Elements and has worked at KMD for the past 21 years. Below he gives his bid on the development and future of the Elements system and KMD.

How would you briefly describe the project between KMD and Elements?

For more than 20 years, the system called Panda has been available in KMD. This system is now being replaced with KMD Elements, which includes smarter processes as well as newer technology. KMD Elements is a modernization of an older system. Elements is a solution that can be better adapted to the various utilities and can handle energy billing from a broader perspective. Panda has been targeting specific roles, which will be redone with KMD Elements. My tasks in this project typically involve project management across the program, risk management, progress reporting, finance, and much more. All work areas I find incredibly interesting and complex.

KMD Elements is a system that calculates and collects large amounts of data and time series in a much more flexible way than before. In your everyday life this can be seen for example when calculating an electricity meter and therefore getting time series. Elements tells you what you have to pay your energy company for your electricity and collects all the time series.

The system was sold to the Danish Energy Agency and Centrica Energy Trading
A / S. What I find particularly interesting about KMD Elements is that we can contribute to the green climate agenda by building a new and modern billing system, which can handle that in the future more units in the electricity grid will be settled. For example, every citizen has solar cells on the roof, battery in the electric car and several smart devices connected to a common electricity grid. The climate agenda is the same throughout the world, but we see a shift from a central to a more decentralized way of settling energy, which adds to the complexity. Denmark is a leader in this area, which is of great importance to KMD Elements and KMD.


  • KMD Elements started in May 2018
  •  More than 100 energy and utilities in Denmark are in scope
  • Today there is 47 people behind the system


What feeling does it give you when such large companies entrust tasks such as KMD Elements to KMD?

I cannot help but be proud that we at KMD work with large companies such as Danmarks Nationalbank and the Danish Energy Agency. When companies like these show us great confidence and in addition are satisfied with the choice of KMD, it makes me proud and gives me blood on the tooth and the desire to provide a good system. However, I also see this as a sign that KMD delivers quality and good solutions that match our customers' needs and expectations. However, it is not so much about the size of companies, but more that we work with something socially relevant. I think that's what we do here at KMD. We take great pride in helping to make a mark on society in a purely technological way and to improve the already existing solutions.

If you had to describe KMD in 3 words?

For me, KMD is described in 3 words: stable, forward-looking, and professional.

I have been an employee at KMD for the past 21 years and to that extent, I believe that KMD is based on a long tradition of providing systems for both public and private clients based on investment development. At KMD we do not try to make projects for the individual, but rather systems that are relevant to many customers. Stability plays such a big role when it comes to delivering products and services to the customers, ensuring high quality and on-time delivery every single time. Our long existence in the market has created a lot of know-how and knowledge about systems and solutions that we can subsequently use to offer a broad understanding and a wide range of products to our customers.

Due to KMD's proud history in the market and the industry, we have many routines. However, we regularly develop and optimize our thinking and working methods to develop and become even better. KMD has the know-how and knowledge to see trends and opportunities in the community to which we then respond. That is why I think we are always one step ahead. KMD is for me a good mix between know-how and healthy skepticism towards new technologies and developments, which is why the foresight is a good description.

KMD is professional to me as many employees have been here for many years, where sensible processes for project management and programs have been created. KMD has project managers who are certified and experienced and therefore look for quality and details. We deliver every time and are extremely professional in our workflow. We must be when we work on such large projects.

How do you predict the future to be, taken the NEC acquisition into account?

The future of KMD I believe to an extent offers internationalization. With NEC, we are taking the first major steps on an international journey, where NEC will hopefully eventually drive us to become a global supplier. NEC has a lot of know-how in the IT field and market knowledge, which I can already see, has had a positive effect on our work approaches and project management, which is continuously optimized through this collaboration. Combining this with KMD's solid expertise in digitizing business-critical processes and tasks, I am sure we will experience a bright future together. In addition, I look forward to seeing what the future brings regarding other major projects and IT solutions on our part.