What you didn’t know about KMD - KMD COGNITO

KMD Cognito provides access to thousands of data, but what is the idea behind the program and how has the data agenda evolved in recent years? Anders Knørr Lyseen has worked at KMD for the past 5 years and is a product owner at Cognito. Read his thoughts on how KMD stands out as a workplace and Cognito's future.

How would you briefly describe the project between KMD and Cognito?

Cognito collects a lot of data from the public and non-public data registers in Denmark which we deliver to municipalities and utilities and private companies. For me, this program is smart because it updates the data daily and offers the entire infrastructure to the customers. The compilation of data provides a unique insight into a wide range of information that you can compare, analyze, and evaluate across the data sources. It not only saves time for the customer, but also makes the data much clearer and more comparable.

The reason why this particular project is of great relevance is that the entire data agenda has become more important in recent years as the municipalities have used the system much more than before and the details and quality of the data have become much more important. This quality I believe to the extent that Cognito offers.


  • Currently 11 people behind the project
  • The program has existed for over 20 years

My main tasks within the project are to present guidelines for future expansion and updating of the program. So far, Cognito is only national as the domain knowledge is for the Danish data landscape but the technology can be expanded, and we are in the process of exploring the possibilities to expand to Scandinavia.

If you had to describe KMD in 3 words?

I would describe KMD as being: professional, proud history and experienced.

In my eyes, KMD is extremely professional, as I to that extent think our IT solutions and work processes are professional and adapted to each individual project and customer. No matter the size and requirements related to the project we are always doing our best to deliver professionalism at a high level.

KMD has over 40 years of experience with the development, operation, and maintenance of Denmark's largest municipal IT systems, which underlines the proud history that KMD possesses in my eyes. With this proud history comes not only a responsibility but also a commitment to deliver quality and help change the digital agenda.

Finally, a long history in the market is automatically related to extensive experience. KMD specializes in many areas and therefore embraces a wide range of knowledge and related experience. At KMD, we have developed more than 400 different systems that help our customers every day. With this experience, we can ensure a good result and deliver on the customer's needs.

Which elements of KMD do you think is worth highlighting?

What especially has been confirmed during my time at KMD is the proud history of our company. I was confused about what size KMD was before I was hired, but it has gradually become clear to me that KMD covers a lot of different areas and services. Today, we collaborate with Danish municipalities, regions, the Danish state and a large number of Denmark's medium-sized and large private companies.

As a newcomer to KMD, I experienced a good unity between my colleagues and a knowledge-sharing that was not to be mistaken. I would especially like to highlight my colleagues who have been sitting here for many years and are incredibly competent and experienced. I feel it plays into delivering a good result. As an employee of KMD, you very quickly feel safe as you are warmly welcomed and your opinions and knowledge are valued to such an extent that you are not nervous about participating in the projects and contributing with your attitudes.

Finally, I would also like to highlight the feeling it gives me to work at KMD. I am proud to be involved in developing new technologies that optimize workflows and processes for society. At the same time, I am also confirmed in my everyday life how important of a role technology and IT play and how important our products are in the end.

How do you predict the future to be, taken the NEC acquisition into account?

First and foremost, I consider NEC to be a great player with extremely high knowledge, which we can benefit from here at KMD. Hopefully, we will experience a synergy effect and knowledge sharing that in the long run results in optimized products. However, I also believe that NEC has seen great potential in KMD since Denmark is No. 1 in public digitization. It's cool that we can both benefit from each other's products, technology, and competencies.

What I am particularly excited about in relation to this collaboration is the international journey that KMD will hopefully embark on. I hope and believe that there will be much more focus on each of KMD's products and further development of these so that they can be expanded internationally.