Do you want to be both an IT Specialist and a Consultant?

Anne Johnson, SAP Consultant and part of the KMD Graduate program

Do you want to meet the customers in their playing field? Do you want to be in a job market where there is work for the next 10-15 years at least? As SAP Graduate you will get all these possibilities.

It sounds like a commercial. Perhaps a little too good to believe, but actually a very accurate description of our program.

As SAP Graduate in the Digital Core track I have come across all IT related subjects. No less. From back-end and architecture over databases and platforms to front-end and UI. Within this fascinating field, I help develop the processes that are at the root of the implementations.

Design Thinking

I am responsible for organizing and developing Design Thinking as a method in KMD. I make materials that help us understand our customers even better to give them the best possible solutions. In the SAP team, I have many colleagues I can spar with, and I am in dialogue with experts here at KMD and external experts as well to get the most of the program.

Why I love going to work

Being a coordinator, contact person, and expert in various areas of SAP means that people come to me when they have questions. Or feel like discussing Design Thinking for instance. When I am recognized for the hard work I do every day, I am inclined to do a lot better tomorrow.

Anne Johnson
Education: MA in Digital Design & Communication
Current Position: SAP Consultant