Solid program with lots of development

Nicholas Vestergaard Andersen, Project Management Graduate

As project management graduate, you will soon be ready to manage your own projects, if you show that you have the will and the talent. You will learn all about project management of complex IT projects and build the expertise needed to become a success in your field.

As graduate, I have been met with a lot of positive response. People are very willing to help. They are very dedicated and very professional about what they are doing. There is a positive atmosphere here. Especially at the point where we win the tender. That is the ultimate moment.

As Bid Process Manager, it is my responsibility to ensure that all KMD governance procedures are followed in relation to customer tenders. That we observe all formalities and guidelines – ours as well as the customer’s. Dependent on the tender we are working with, it brings me in touch with practically the entire value chain in KMD. So, I have a broad contact surface – from architects to business specialist and domain people.

Input for the final product

The customer does not always know all available possibilities. So, we listen to their needs and start generating a tender; to find the best possible solution and set the team that can solve it. It is my job to deliver process management, hold status meetings with steering groups, and see to that all deadlines are met. My understanding of the customer’s business gives input to the final product. It takes some good thoughts and ideas; it is not just business as usual, but something new.

Possibilities and challenges

I chose the KMD Graduate Program because it is a solid program with lots of development. KMD has so many things to offer, so many products, and so many services to work with. I can see myself play a part in so many areas and see myself move around the organization. The possibilities of moving up the ladder or moving out into the organization are great. If you want new challenges, don’t apply somewhere else – just apply internally.

Nicholas Vestergaard Andersen
Education: MSc. Change Management, SDU
Current position: Bid Process Manager